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Oct 9, 2006 09:34 PM


Tried the Tasting Menu last night, pretty good.
6 course , 60-

Hamachi, Salmon , Ahi Tartar
Black Bean Soup
Lobster Risotto
Monkfish w/Kiebasa
Short Rib
Combo Dessert

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  1. Can you order any of those individually? Any of them standouts? I am going next week for dinner.

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    1. re: maybelle

      I liked them all. I don't know if they are on the menu but I assume so.

      1. re: russkar

        russkar--was this the 17th St., Costa Mesa/NPB location?

        1. re: Philly

          13355 Ventura Blvd.
          Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
          (818) 784-2915

      2. re: maybelle

        Some of those items are on the menu, yet the soup was probably a special as probably were the monkfish and risotto.
        They have a trio of tartares that is very good, and provides 3 distinctive taste sensations.
        Just in past 2 days two friends of mine said they each had had their most delicious meal in recent memory there.
        And the wine list is getting better, btw.

        Here is more info:

      3. does he also serve the pastrami on the max menu?

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        1. re: kevin

          The pastrami used to be available on Mondays. Not sure whether that is still the case.
          The fries are on the menu at all times, as either a side order, or they come with at least the filet mignon.

        2. do you think it's possible if those wares are offered at the upscale max restaurant than at the fast-food oinkster it will be better?

          that may be the possibility.

          1. I've heard Max is a very loud restaurant. Would you recmd it for a business dinner? We are looking for good food, good wine, ability to talk for six people.

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            1. re: RebeccaB

              It was full when we were there and I didn't notice any excessive loudness? Then again we were having a lot of fun ourselves.

              1. re: RebeccaB

                They have a little private nook, don't they? But might not seat 6...

                1. re: Maxmillion

                  The nook can seat 6. A little tight but you get privacy. Just had dinner in the nook this past weekend with 4 other friends. We were comfy and Chef Andre was so nice and accommodating. If you can, the tasting menu is excellent.

                2. re: RebeccaB

                  Being a regular at Max, Monday-Thursday is fine for noise inside, especially if you get the alcove/private nook area referred to above by Maxmillion. Likewise, the patio is quite nice, has heaters if needed, and is very private and the noise of Ventura Blvd. is not really that loud, depending on time of dinner, excepting a siren going by.
                  Brand new menu btw, as of 10 days ago, and a nice wine list too.

                3. I love Max but on a Friday or Saturday night it is noisy and wouldn't be suitable for a business dinner. However on other days of the week it would be fine. I'd ask for a table along the wall.