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Tried the Tasting Menu last night, pretty good.
6 course , 60-

Hamachi, Salmon , Ahi Tartar
Black Bean Soup
Lobster Risotto
Monkfish w/Kiebasa
Short Rib
Combo Dessert

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  1. Can you order any of those individually? Any of them standouts? I am going next week for dinner.

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    1. re: maybelle

      I liked them all. I don't know if they are on the menu but I assume so.

      1. re: russkar

        russkar--was this the 17th St., Costa Mesa/NPB location?

        1. re: Philly

          13355 Ventura Blvd.
          Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
          (818) 784-2915

      2. re: maybelle

        Some of those items are on the menu, yet the soup was probably a special as probably were the monkfish and risotto.
        They have a trio of tartares that is very good, and provides 3 distinctive taste sensations.
        Just in past 2 days two friends of mine said they each had had their most delicious meal in recent memory there.
        And the wine list is getting better, btw.

        Here is more info:

      3. does he also serve the pastrami on the max menu?

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        1. re: kevin

          The pastrami used to be available on Mondays. Not sure whether that is still the case.
          The fries are on the menu at all times, as either a side order, or they come with at least the filet mignon.

        2. do you think it's possible if those wares are offered at the upscale max restaurant than at the fast-food oinkster it will be better?

          that may be the possibility.

          1. I've heard Max is a very loud restaurant. Would you recmd it for a business dinner? We are looking for good food, good wine, ability to talk for six people.

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            1. re: RebeccaB

              It was full when we were there and I didn't notice any excessive loudness? Then again we were having a lot of fun ourselves.

              1. re: RebeccaB

                They have a little private nook, don't they? But might not seat 6...

                1. re: Maxmillion

                  The nook can seat 6. A little tight but you get privacy. Just had dinner in the nook this past weekend with 4 other friends. We were comfy and Chef Andre was so nice and accommodating. If you can, the tasting menu is excellent.

                2. re: RebeccaB

                  Being a regular at Max, Monday-Thursday is fine for noise inside, especially if you get the alcove/private nook area referred to above by Maxmillion. Likewise, the patio is quite nice, has heaters if needed, and is very private and the noise of Ventura Blvd. is not really that loud, depending on time of dinner, excepting a siren going by.
                  Brand new menu btw, as of 10 days ago, and a nice wine list too.

                3. I love Max but on a Friday or Saturday night it is noisy and wouldn't be suitable for a business dinner. However on other days of the week it would be fine. I'd ask for a table along the wall.

                  1. Four of us went to Max's and we all enjoyed our meal. B/w the four of us we ordered venison, peppercorn steak, black cod and coconut shrimp stew.

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                    1. re: luswei

                      And you probably had trouble deciding which entree you liked best!
                      All are wonderful, although I do prefer the filet to the peppercorn steak.
                      Did you by chance have the Tantara Pinot Noir for vino. It is Very good, and at around $60 is a decent value for these times.

                      1. re: carter

                        we had a duckhorn meritage, sublime! about $45
                        meritage = cabernet sauvignon, merlot, petit verdot

                        1. re: luswei

                          Might that have been the Decoy?! Had it many times, and it is very good.

                          1. re: carter

                            indeed it was the Decoy. we thought about the pinot noir you mentioned, but the waiter highly recommended the Decoy. (for one course, i had a glass of pinot grigio)

                            1. re: luswei

                              Pony-tailed Andrew, Ray, or Peter? Andrew knows my preference toward the Tantara, even though when I go with a particular friend, who much prefers Grey Goose to any wine, I then opt for the Decoy by the glass, as will be the case on this coming Tuesday night.

                              1. re: carter

                                Carter, are you a Max regular!? This was only my second time there. First time with CAA agents so I didn't eat. Second time was with friends. Not sure the name of our waiter, don't think he introduced himself to us, but pony-tailed Andrew did stop by and impress us with his knowledge of what % grape came in the Decoy. Which reminds me I think I forgot to say the Decoy also has cabernet franc which I'm betting you know, but since I posted it earlier...feel should add a "correction." BTW, the foie gras dish was divine and our waiter talked us into getting it since it will soon be banned!

                                Bon Appetit Tuesday!

                                1. re: luswei

                                  It's definitely my "go to" restaurant when staying in the neighborhood and wanting very good food, yet realizing it will probably cost around $75 per person, so the economics make it less than a "regular" thing.
                                  My home cooking comes in considerably cheaper!!!

                    2. As a restauranteur/businessman, Chef Guerrero probably understood that he needed to have something like Oinkster to be his money making venture so that it could subsidize Max, which allows him to work creatively. I think it's good for the consumer, too, as it prevents Chef Guerrero from making compromises on the Max menu just for the sake of balancing his budget.

                      1. Went back to Max last month after a 1-year wait. The food was good, not great. The new look is very warm and very inviting. They kept the same furniture, but painted the walls a dark yellow for a bistro look. The service was painfully slow. The manager stepped in and tried to make things right. I don't think I will be going back.

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                          Funny, I have never had slow service, yet it obviously depends on how busy the place is, when your orders are due to come up relative to everyone else's in the restaurant, etc. Not an easy coordination. But the food is as good as ever, just a modestly different menu, yet some left over items from the pre-remodeled Max.