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Pot Pies in New Haven/Fairfield Counties

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  • Bunny Oct 9, 2006 09:07 PM
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I would love a homemade pot pie (chicken, beef, turkey, or vegetable). Any idea on where I can get a great one?

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  1. I don't know if one could categorize this as "great" but the Post Road Diner in Norwalk sometimes has a relatively home made chicken pot pie as a special. I'd just make my own, frankly, because it's pretty easy...

    1. Coscto makes a pretty good somewhat homemade tasting chicken pot pie.

      1. Philips Diner in Woodbury has amazing homemade chicken pies-just chicken and gravy inside...mmmmm

        1. Lyman Orchards in the middlefield/Wallingford area makes great take home pies. Small or family size

          1. I finally got to Dottie's Diner the other day, formerly Phillip's Diner in Woodbury. I have been wanting to go there for months and have dreamed about the pot pie. There were two pies on the menu. The Phillip's original and Dottie's which I was told was the same thing but with chicken and vegetables, so I ordered that one. Then waited 45 minutes for it to come out. I was so disappointed. The pie was so small, cracked open, dry as a bone and two of the chicken pieces were quite nasty. My friend's pot pie was not even completely cooked. It was not hot and neither were the potatoes which had a beef gravy on them instead of pot pie gravy and grilled califlower which had random pieces of cheese melted on them. The portion was so small, cold and ridiculously disappointing. I was so sad. It ruined my day.

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              What a shame-I guess another one bites the dust....
              Wonder though, if the donuts were any good?

            2. The donuts were okay. My friend had the powdered one, very fresh and soft. I had the cinnamon, a lot more crunch and not so soft. I heard the guy that always made them is still making them.

              1. HayDay markets?

                1. Di Nova's grocery store in Middlebury, CT make their own and freeze them. They are the BEST! I always buy a couple and bring back to Baltimore in the winter.

                  1. I must say the Pot Pies at Big Y are really good. They are loaded with good roasted chicken, a good gravy and I think a few veggies...Big Y has very good rottiserie chickens that they use for the pies....