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Oct 9, 2006 08:54 PM

Date Syrup

Wondering where I can purchase Date Syrup in Los Angeles?

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  1. I've been using a large jar I got a while ago -- I'm pretty sure it was from Jon's market in Glendale. Most of the Jon's in Hollywood or Glendale areas should carry it. If that's not near you, check any middle eastern market. I eat it on my cottage cheese with walnuts all the time.

    1. i get mine at a small persian market on pico near robertson. also a great source for dried rosepetals. i don't remember the name but the people there are very helpful and friendly.

      1. Where are you? There is an Israeli Market, Eema's, on Ventura Boulevard at Topanga in Woodland Hills. I purchased mine there a few years ago and I am still using it; I do keep it in the fridge (with all the other millions of sauces!). Additionally, we have seen it at Middle Eastern Markets; there is such a market in Northridge, but I forget the name...someone, help?

        Try calling Eema's Market, and perhaps if they don't have any, one of the owners (husband and wife) can direct you. I don't think it is a seasonal product, but perhaps it is more readily available during the Jewish High Holidays.

        Eema's Market
        21932 Ventura Blvd.
        Woodland Hills #818.702-9272

        1. There's a market called Super King that just opened on San Fernando at the 2 Freeway - I was there this afternoon and saw date syrup along with a whole bunch of other syrups and flavored molasses.

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            Yes, joejoe, that is one of the markets where I, too, have seen it. They probably carry it year-'round.

          2. On Westwood Blvd, between Pico and Olympic, you can try the Rose Market. They've got lots of other interesting, tasty options, too.