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Oct 9, 2006 08:47 PM

Bombay Curry Company in Del Ray

I've been meaning to try the bhel puri here for years now, but I finally made a concerted effort to actually find this place, which is not that easy. It took me about three passes to check out the driveway leading up to 3110 Mt Vernon Avenue to discover a small row of shops and restaurants, including Del Merei Grille and Hector's, an Italian-American place.

Bhel puri is that crunchy snack of puffa puffa rice from the beach towns south of Bombay. Well, it's not so crunchy at BCC, but I'm not going to quibble with this airy, delicious concoction. Pretty good amount of kick, too.

The other items I tried were the onion bhaji and the tandoori chicken wings. Not only was all the food very well prepared, but this place gets extra stars in my book for the generous size of the starters. A cheap eats find. The wings were a marvel of smokiness, flavor, and tenderness. Unbelievable. A 'Must Order'.

The menu definitely seems like its worth exploring further.

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  1. Man those wings ARE the greatest! Sometimes I just get a double order with a side of the black lentils and some of the puffy nan bread and its a perfect meal.
    I have had some interesting things on the Sunday Brunch a sweetish chicken curry with apricots and another time there was a flavour packed South Indian chicken dish with ingredients that were toasted first and then gound up.
    The Bhel Puri has been fine when we tried it, maybe you let it sit too long as I think that will do it.
    And the overall menu pricing is very reasonable definetly chow-worthy.

    1. I lived in Del Ray for several years and the BCC is one of the things I miss most. The Saag Gosht was my favorite, and when the Butter Chicken was good, it was VERY good, but sometimes it was just OK (the mix of spices wasn't right). Those wings are great - I also like the Bharta and any of the breads.

      I believe the Delhi Club in Clarendon has the same owners - as I'm now in Arlington I was excited when they opened but both times I've been I was disappointed - the prices are higher, the portions smaller and the cooking hasn't been what I remembered from the BCC. I'm glad to hear they are still so good - I'll have to get back there now that you've given me this terrible craving.

      1. Bombay Curry Company is my favorite Indian place in the whole area. Sunday Brunch is the best deal anywhere...and delicious.

        For my birthday last year we did a meal made of my favorite all time foods. my husband ordered a big mess of Onion Bahji, Samosas (which are not as good as Food Factory's in Ballston) Naan and the Black Lentils.

        Their cilatro chicken kababs are good and the vindaloo is also great. Most recently I have been on a Goan Fish Curry kick. Not a fish person but great flavors going on.