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Oct 9, 2006 08:36 PM

Good pumpkin soup recipes? Anything pumpkin?

Help? Please let us know if you have either of the above? Also, pie, cheesecake recipes!


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  1. Whenever I want pumpkin I go first to ZUCCA in downtown LA, which has the best (IMO) pumpkin ravioli and just about everything else pumpkin, including soup, pizza and tart.

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      It's has been a while since we've been to LA for chow. Is that a market or a restaurant? Thanks.

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        Have you been to Ca'Brea? I am in love / lust with their pumpkin ravioli. How does Zucca compare?

        1. re: FrenchieFoodie

          It was many, many moons ago that I want to Ca'Brea, and only the one in BH. Never had their pumpkin ravioli to compare, however. Sorry.

      2. In OC, try the pumpkin ravioli at Lugatti's in Huntington Beach. Had it there last week, and it is truly a thing of beauty and taste. One order is more than enough pumpkin-y, creamy richness to share (or take half home and hoard for another meal). Owned by the people who now operate Lino's.

        1. Sorry, no recipe but coincidentally, I went to Gorikee in Woodland Hills and they served a pumpkin soup with their special. I believe it was a beefy broth with sliced onions and of course, garlic.