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Oct 9, 2006 08:28 PM

Fresno Hounds Please Help Me Relive My Youth

Grew up in Fresno in the 1960's. Returning in a few days for a brief visit. I'd like to return home with an ice chest filled with some of the things I loved as a kid. Is it still possible to buy Beerocks? If so, where? Is the Chicken Pie Shop still open on Olive in the Tower District? I would love some stuffed grape leaves and other Armenian favorites to bring back, where should I go?? Going to the Limelight for dinner one night, what would you suggest for another night? Chinese or Italian would be great.
Thank you so much for yor help!

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  1. How great are beerocks??
    The Beerock Shop
    (559) 439-0402 Tel
    2016 W Bullard Avenue
    Fresno, CA 93711

    I believe the Chicken Pot Pie shop is still open. The other place that is still open is Central Fish. We used to go every week and my mom would buy us rice candy, which is actually totally gross. Sadly, much of the hot spots in Fresno are now large chains such as Cheesecake Factory, Claim Jumpers.

    I can recommend a family favorite restaurant. Parma.
    7089 N Marks Ave Ste 101
    Fresno, CA 93711
    (559) 432-3389

    Enjoy the visit.

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      OK, inquiring minds want to know. What the heck is a Beerock?? I have never heard the term, although I assume from the next poster its some kind of something with a filling. Maybe like a pastie???

    2. Agree with scjones123 about The Beerock Shop, I prefer the shredded beef but you can get ground instead, believe they've added a couple of new fillings, but haven't bothered to try them. TBS also makes our favorite chicken pot pies, no need to go all the way to the Tower District. We order a dozen pre-baked and stash in the freezer for quick 5 min micro'd dinners (same for the beerocks that are even quicker). Best fresh however with the side of gravy. TBS also turns out a decent cheese burger.

      Parma is the best Italian place in town, IMO.

      scjones is correct in that the "hot spots" tend to be the latest chains to hit the area, however, there are so many great independent places to choose from. I think these chains do true hounds a favor and keep the local gems from being over booked and hard to get into.

      Great dim sum cart service on weekends, and regular menu dining anytime for Chinese, try Imperial Garden on Blackstone just south of Herndon. Another we like is the fairly new Joy Luck at B'stone and Nees.

      For Armenian you might try the Mediterranean Grill (M-F only) on Tulare just south of Divisadero (cross from where the old Farmers Market complex was, now a big box office supply). There's a couple of delis (blanking on the names) SW corner of Fresno & Gettysburg and SW Shields & West.

      Have a great visit, and let us know how it goes.

      1. Oh yes. Joy Luck on Nees is fantastic. My brother's in-laws are Chinese and it's their favorite place. Fantastic.

        Does anyone go to the Basque Hotel anymore? I believe my mom went recently.

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          The OBH is still my fave for Basque food. You can still pig out on the early courses and take your entree home for another meal (doesn't seem to happen much with my crowd). Also last visit, ordered the most expensive wine they had, a Nonini Barbera???, for $9 (that's the bottle folks, not BTG) that while not a great one, was still pleasant with the meal, and served in the old style.... chilled, in little jelly jar glasses. We always order the chicken, chop, or steak with the roasted garlic, gawd, I need to get back there!

        2. Thank You SCJones123 and Polar Bear for some great suggestions. We are either going to have to eat six meals a day or stay a few days longer, to try all the fabulous places you mentioned. Polar Bear, as a kid, the old Farmer's Market center was my ABSOLUTE favorite place to many great choices. Fresno was a terrific place to grow up. Thank you!!

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          1. re: mary c

            Yeah, have to agree whole-heartedly, the best calzones in the world from Rossi's for $0.75 (guess I'm dating myself here) and the BBQ place that faced them, fantastic. Do you remember Angelo and his wife Clara that worked at Rossi's (blanking on their last name) that opened Calzone's prior to the demise of the Farmer's Market? It was across from Frontier Chevrolet just after southbound Abby becomes Stanislaus, calzones went up in price but they also had the best pizza with grilled peppers, sad day when they closed up shop.

          2. An alternative to Beerock Shop is Lauck's Bakery down in the Tower District (east of the Chicken Pie Shop). IIRC, Lauck's is a little more easier on the price than BRS, and they have an interesting assortment. There's also an Armenian Deli at NW corner of Shaw & West where you should be able to find the grape leaves.

            For dinner I also recommend Parma. Other locally owned I like are, La Paella (Perrin & Champlain), and, though others mentioned Basque Hotel, I believe Shepherd's Inn (the old Santa Fe Hotel), is also pretty good.

            Since you grew up in Fresno during the 60's (as did I), I'm sure you remember Angelo's down by Roeding Park. They're still there, as is Mike's Pizzaria at Shields & West. Now, for extra credit...remember Star's Ice Cream?