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Oct 9, 2006 08:21 PM

Italian place downtown + Saturday parking

Anyone know the name of the Italian place (and its location)downtown that supposedly has a 16 oz lamb chop that they are famous for (covers the whole plate)? I will be going to a downtown place, possibly this one this coming Saturday afternoon (10/14.) Also need to know a reasonable place to park on Sat aft without paying an arm and a leg--I don't mind walking 4 or 5 blocks. Thanx for info on both questions.
I used to go to the Berghoff, but read here that they closed at the end of February.

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  1. Maybe you are thinking of Gene and Georgetti? Its an old-school Italian Steak house on the corner of Franklin and Illinois. I'm not aware of any famous Lamb chop, but I'm not a regular and it certainly sounds like something they would have. Menu is on their web site.

    If that's what you're thinking of, there is a parking garage about a block to the west on Orleans and Illinois, or lots of meter parking on the street and other small lots.

    Its a good old-boy steak house, but there are a lot of good steak houses in Chicago. The service can be kind of rude if you're not one of their Mercedes driving regulars, in which case you'd just Valet and not worry about parking.

    If you want to spend $40 on a giant piece of meat, you might also try Gibsons or Keefers, although parking around Gibsons is tough. I really would Valet there.

    1. I'm having a hard time imagining a chop from a little lamb which could cover a whole plate... Could the restaurant you are thinking of be Mike Ditka's, which is famous for serving very big pork chops?

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. None of those--it had an Italian name (one word, I think) and was not overpriced--most posters spoke well of it. If I saw a list of Italian places, I could probably pick it out. The alternative might be a nice steak house if i can't figure it out. If I do, I will post the name and ask for comments.

          1. After a search, I'm pretty sure it was La Scarola. But like a lot of places, closed for lunch on Saturday. Oh well... Thanx for the feedback, anyway.