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Oct 9, 2006 08:18 PM

Best Chicken Tikka Masala

This is my absolute favorite Indian dish - be it authentic or not.

I actually had versions in Mumbai and Goa (and Dubai) and they were all fantastic. In general the mix of spices used in India is more interesting and has more of a bold, fresh taste.

Anyone know of a good spot for this in Chicago proper?

I've been to Tiffin on Devon, which the hounds have recommended before. I didn't like the Tikka Masala - it was very thin and a little on the bland side (it tastes like the dish that is sometimes referred to as Butter Chicken)

Also, I've seen Kababish of London recommended for Desi food. Has anyone tried it (or is it even available) there? No website yet.



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  1. My favorite CTM in the city is at Gaylord's (678 N. Clark).

    The CTM at Indian Garden is also pretty good, and spicier than Gaylord's, if that's what you are looking for.

    1. I've had some very good food at Kababish, but the environment left a lot to be desired. I am not a clean freak about restaurants, but this place was pretty grimy, and on our second visit, service was atrociously slow -- the couple at the table next to us nearly had a pair of fits they were so worked up, and we waited way too long for our food too. And there were a lot of flies buzzing around, just to make the extra-long wait extra-annoying.

      But really, the food was very good. Thing is, there are lots of other kabob shops on Devon, so why tolerate that? I recently had my first chicken boti at Khan BBQ and it blew me away.

      I don't think either one had CTM on the menu.

      1. So far the best I've found in my area (Lincoln Park) is at the Indian Grill Restaurant on Clark ( I've had some with more spice, but I'm always satisfied with this one. They also have a great weekend lunch buffet.

        1. As far as the Tiffin recommendation goes, it's more about flash than great food there. I've dined there several times and thought it to be mediocre. Viceroy and Ghandi both on Devon are solid and have great Chicken Tikka Masala.

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            I would have to agree with you on Tiffin - I have been there three times. The first time we got a large plate of Tandoori Chicken that was big enough to kill a horse but dry and actually sort of gross. The other times I went I had a curry and the aforementioned Chicken Tikka Masala, which were OK but nothing to go out of the way for.