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S.F. New York Deli at Embarcadero Center - Has Anyone Tried It?

Has anyone tried this deli? It just opened a few weeks ago and I am curious to find out what other chowhounds have experienced before I go and try it.

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  1. Are you talking about Gambino's? They've been open for over a year at One Embarcadero Ctr. Is there something else newer that this Jersey gal is missing?

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    1. I'm suspecting he's talking about Wichcraft at the SF Westfield Center. Sorry I haven't tried, but will try soon.

      1. There's reportedly a new kosher place in EC called SF New York Deli:


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          Definitely sounds like a place that needs to be checked out by nostalgic New Yorkers! I actually passed by the place on the weekend (I think it was closed) and thought it might just be another gimmicky name.

        2. Sandwiches are $7-8. Also have hot dogs and soup (split-pea, mushroom barley, matzoh-ball).

          It's just off Justin Herman plaza, the last place in the outdoor food court between Embarcadero 4 and the Hyatt Regency. Sunday-Thursday 10:30-6:30, Friday 10:30 until two hours before sunset.

          Kosher for real, not just -style. They even have a sukkah set up in the plaza.

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            That doen't mean it's gonmna' be good though. But it seems mildly promising.

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                A Thai restaurant called Osha (or Osho or Asha--use of overly stylized font used on the sign made it unreadable)appears about to open at the old Faz location. I glanced through an open door and saw finished floor, tables, chairs, etc.

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                  Osha was open yesterday. It's the fourth branch of a local chain of hipster-oriented places.

            1. Hello all, the deli is right in front of Justin Herman Plaza right after the salad restaurant on the walkway where the tables are. The deli has a sign outside that says SF Hot Dog, but when you go inside the menu says SF New York Deli. According to the menu, everything is kosher. I was wondering if anyone had eaten there and if it's any good?

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                  The mushroom knish ($2.49) was very good.

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                    Do you recall whether they have Kasha knishes?

                2. I had the corned beef on rye with potato salad. The sandwich was hearty (I did not order the "stuffed" version which costs $2.00 extra). The meat was lean and tasted good. However, the sandwich was difficult to eat because it had a huge piece of iceberg lettuce on it which caused it to fall apart, and the tomato slices were pretty bland. The potato salad was fresh, but it was served in a tiny styrofoam cup - I could have used a little more of it. Overall, it tasted like a sandwich I could have made myself except for the high quality corned beef. I will say that the owners were very nice and apologetic when I noticed immediately that they forget to put mustard on my sandwich-they gave me some mustard packets. I did not taste the knishes, which looked huge, the soup, which looked hearty, or the hot dogs. On the sandwich side, though, they could spruce up the vegetables.

                  1. When they asked me what I wanted on my sandwich the choices were like that old New Yorker cartoon of the shiksa ordering pastrami on white bread with mayo, lettuce, and tomato come to life, except of course I said no thanks.

                    I'm sure they're just trying to be as accommodating of their diverse clientele as possible.

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                      I'm remembering my surprise a few years ago to read about California-style sandwiches on the NY boards and wondered what they might be. It meant they had lettuce and tomato on them.

                    2. I tried the potato knish. It's tasty but greasy. I asked the person inside if they could cook it with less oil. He said they bake it, but since they buy the pastry frozen, they have no control over how much oil is inside.

                      1. This deli is so average. The menu is kosher and promising, but the service and quality of the food won't keep me coming back. The sandwiches are pretty pricey considering it's location, I'll just say it's less bang for your buck.

                        1. Has the food improved in the last year?

                          S.F. New York Deli
                          5 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, CA