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Oct 9, 2006 07:52 PM

Apple Orchards by Train?

I'm looking to go apple picking one weekend this month, but I don't have a car. Are there any good orchards accessible via mass transit from Manhattan?

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  1. I went to Wilkens this weekend in Yorktown Heights. It was EXTREMELY crowded and overpriced compared to where I've been before (Binghamton, so go figure) but I picked some nice apples. Looking at google maps, I see that it is only 6 miles east of Peekskill on the Hudson line, so in theory, it wouldn't be bad by train, but who knows how much a cab would cost from the station (you might look into the bus routes too). Maybe someone who is more familiar with Wilkens/Yorktown can provide more advice about this?

    Another option might be Outhouse Orchards, which I haven't been to, but appears to be very close to the Croton Falls station on the Harlem line.
    130 Hardscrable Rd
    Croton Falls, NY 10519
    (914) 277-3188