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Oct 9, 2006 07:50 PM

Newly transplanted Manhattanite now in northern Westchester needs recommendations for birthday dinner.

We are new to the 'burbs and want to find a nice, relatively local place for my birthday dinner. Favorite restaurant we have found so far is Iron horse grill in pleasantville. Looking for recommendations in Bedford, Pleasantville, Pleasantville, Mt Kisco, Briarcliff Manor... Considering Bistro Twenty Two, Strega and Frodo's. Thoughts on these? Open to other recommendations as well. Also, would like a place with a nice wine list. Looking to spend ~$60 pp (before wine).

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  1. Welcome! Frodo's has very good food and is definately worth a visit. Le Jardin Du Roi in Chappaqua is also quite good. I was pleasantly suprised both times I went. If you have never been to Restaurant Luna, it is another good staple, however I have been there so many times, I'm quite bored of it.

    What about Crabtree Kittle House? It is beautiful and romantic for a birthday dinner. I also love 121 Restaurant which is a little farther north (North Salem?) but it is loud and may not be the best choice for a birthday dinner, but a must try another time.

    Happy Birthday!

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      Thanks. I should have mentioned we have already been to Le Jardin, which we love, and Crabtree Kittle. We want to try something new, esp as we are so new to the area, and there is lots to explore! 121 definitely looks like a place to add to our list:) Thanks so much!

    2. I agree with the Frodo's recommendation. Have eaten there twice in past two months - great meals both times, though the atmosphere and service are a bit lacking.

      Cafe Antico in Mt. Kisco has reliably good food too; not quite on par with Frodo's or Iron Horse though.

      I tried to eat at Stega last week, but they appeared closed with no notice or anything.

      If you haven't tried Blue Hill at the Stone Barns, it's definitely worth it for an special occasion.

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      1. re: prufrock

        Blue Hill is definitely on our list of restaurants to try. But, given theshort notice, doubt we can get in. Any reccs on making reservations?

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          btw, Strega is "closed for renovations" till year end, according to their message...

          1. re: new_west_foodie

            They're expanding into the space next door--but I don't see why the main space should be closed, too!

        2. The Iron Horse is a most worthy choice for food and service. If you are considering something as far north as North Salem, I'd try Vox, which has a lovely setting and very good, French-influenced food. Bistro Twenty-Two has a more formal setting than, say, the Iron Horse, but I haven't been there of late,so others should speak on the food there.

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          1. re: NickM

            Thanks. Vox looks interesting. Any particular recommendations there?

            1. re: new_west_foodie

              I'm partial to the duck, served with black rice.

            2. re: NickM

              Bistro 22 I found to be very stuffy. Not formal, just pretentious. The food is pretty good, but the service is not (or was not on our one visit). I think it was all middle-aged male waiters with bad attitude. We waited forever to be greeted and offered a drink, which just sets a bad vibe. The food was good, though -- nothing special, good solid American food (duck, venison, etc) but we won't return.

              1. re: marieber

                I totally agree! We actually tried bistro 22 this week and were underwhelmed. We had to wait to be greeted when we walked in, felt looked down upon by the older waiters... And, one of my pet peeves... they brought the wine I ordered but in a different year and didn't point that out to me - in fact, they were rather indignant that I had noticed and wanted to change it.

            3. sister contacted them on a thur. afternoon and got into blue hill that evening

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              1. Definitely try Restaurant Luna on 117 in Mt. Kisco. Great food! Huge wine wont be disappointed

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                  Will do - consistent recommendation and located nearby:)

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                      I will. We may try to go this Friday. Stay tuned...

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                    luna, food is ok, not consistent, very loud room, close your eyes, and you'd think you're in long island