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Oct 9, 2006 07:20 PM

Adding egg to your oatmeal?

I'm currently on an oatmeal kick. I've been eating McCann's Irish oatmeal with just a pinch of salt and a splash of maple syrup, but I remember somewhere reading about adding an egg to make the oatmeal even more tasty. I couldn't turn up anything helpful on Google, so has anyone out there tried this?


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  1. Well, I imagine you can poach an egg in or atop the oatmeal as it cooks. You can also do it after you remove the oatmeal from the heat, then cover and let the residual heat from the oatmeal cook it.

    1. I prefer scrambled to poached eggs. . .so I guess if I were you I'd under-scramble it and then mix into the hot oatmeal.

      Who needs Google? Just try what sounds good to you. :-)

      1. My mother is on a daily oatmeal breakfast diet. She folds an egg white into her hot cooked oatmeal. The heat of the oatmeal cooks the egg. She does it occasionally with a whole egg. It might taste great, but I find a poached or scrambled egg on top of my oatmeal very strange.

        1. the only way i know how to eat oatmeal is with milk, and then right before its done, break an egg into the pot, then break the yolk and stir.... add sugar and yummy

          1. I often make a savory oatmeal with 2 eggs, salt, pepper and occasionally cheese and green onions. I cook the oatmeal with water until nearly done and then add the other ingredients. It's great for breakfast but can also be a very satisfying dinner.

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              That sounds amazing. I'll have to try it next time I want a quick, warm and comforting dinner.

              1. re: Blackbird

                That sounds delicious. Perhaps add some bacon in the mix.

                I'm eating it with an egg folded in after cooked right now (brown sugar & milk) and it's great.

                I'll never see oatmeal the same way again. :)

                1. re: Blackbird

                  Sounds great as I have always preferred a savory oatmeal with cheese and salami sides.

                  1. re: foodwinemaven

                    I like to fry the salami- gives it a whole extra dimension. Comes out like garlicky bacon, with undertones of corned beef.