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Moe's Southwest

How does Moe's compare to Chipotle?

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  1. It doesn't.

    Moe's doesn't have the choices like Chipotle does. They have different burritos you can order, unlike at chipotle where you build your own. The "Homewrecker" was OK, but everything was bland. I like my burritos spicy and I couldn't really get it at Moe's. I'd pass.

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    1. re: beerambassador

      Wow, I never really wanted to join chowhound forums but such ignorance can't go unchallenged. You don't have to use the cute names. You can build whatever you want to build, and Moe's has MORE choices, not less, than chipotle.

      1. re: gs3369

        I was just thinking the same thing. At every Moe's I've been to (which is at least 6 or 8), they always let me build whatever I want. I went to Chipotle a lot when it first opened in Florida, but stopped going after about a year because it was all the same.

        That being said, if you like spicy, as beerambassador said, you'll probably have better luck at Chipotle. I thought some items at Chipotle that should have been mild were pretty spicy for the average person.

    2. I'm glad someone started a Moe's thread, because I was just about to do so.

      We tried the new Moe's in South Riding, Loudoun County VA, two nights ago. It was pretty bad. We ordered a quesadilla, a burrito, and fajitas, all with steak.

      The quesadilla and fajitas were almost inedible, because the meat was so salty. I started in on the burrito and at first thought "Hmm, this isn't salty at all." After a few bites I got suspicious so I opened up the burrito -- it wasn't salty because there was no meat in it!

      Moe's is off our list.

      1. Thanks guys! I'll stick with Chipotle!

        1. Give Moe's a try Janet. I've been several times and did not find the food salty, and they were very accomadating as to what toppings, fillings, etc you want.

          The portions are no where near as huge as chipotle, and you also get a small portion of chips at Moe's, and they have a small salsa bar which is nice. They also have (in Maryland) a pretty good fish taco for around $2.50 - including the chips).

          If you end up hating it as the other posters did, your only out $5 - $10. I think you'll like it.



          1. I go to the Moe's at the Ohio State Campus in Columbus, Ohio (went for lunch today, in fact) and the portions are huge, the food is tasty, and it is definitely an decent place to eat. I prefer Chipotle because it is spicier. But give Moe's a try, it sounds like each location just varies in quality.

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            1. Am I the only one that can't get past the menu at this place? We have one in Tempe that I stopped in at not long after they opened....I felt like such an idiot asking for a "Joey bag of donuts" when what i wanted was a chicken burrito. It really turned me off as stupid as it is....

              I remember the food being edible but nothing overly special. They certainly seemed to do a good lunch business though....

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              1. re: ziggylu

                I find, in any place with a "cutesy" menu, that employees can't remember what is what anyway, so I just ask for what I want specifically -- just like in fast-food drive thrus, I order my meals by contents and not by number.

              2. Two reasons that Chipotle beats Moe's hands down (and I'm not that big of a fan of Chipotle)

                1. Chipotle food has a clean, fresh, flavorful sense to it. Moe's has a grungy, stale, bland sense.

                2. Chipotle lets you leave off the rice. Moe's sticks you with it whether you like it or not.

                It's sort of like the perennial debate between the deli-quality innards of a Quizno's vs. the off-brand dreck of a Subway.

                Save your money and stick with Chipotle.

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                1. re: Loren3

                  I agree with you on Chipotle vs Moe's (I'd go with Baja Fresh myself) but, while Quizno's may have deli-quality innards their sandwiches are so salty that even with $2 coupons I stopped going there.

                  1. re: Bob W

                    I'm no big Quizno's fan, either, but it's better than Subway. To me, it's survival food when stuck in an airport and nothing else is open.

                    There's a relatively new chain here in the midwest called Potbelly's. It's better by far.

                    1. re: Loren3

                      We have a few Potbelly's here in Northern Va too. Agreed: better than both Subway and Quizno's.

                  2. re: Loren3

                    I've only eaten at Moe's once, but I asked for no rice and they had no problems leaving it off.

                    We don't have a Chipolte in my area, unfortunately.

                    1. re: Loren3

                      You can leave off the rice. Not sure where you got that you can't. And just to show that taste is different from person to person, I would eat dirt before eating quizno's. They serve absolute dreck. Firehouse subs, even subway is far superior. And it won't matter soon as quizno's are going out of business left and right. Why? Because they serve crap.

                    2. Don't have any Moe's here in my area.i like Chipolte's .However in this area east of San Antonio there are regular mexican places I can go to as well as in San Antone so i don't need a Moe's.Got the real thing here.

                      1. I love Moe's and am addicted to the Billy Barou. I cannot attest to their other menu options. I don't know how they make the combination of fresh vegetables so tasty. All their items are made to order. If you don't want rice, all you do is say, "No, rice." Your food is prepared in front of you and tell them exactly want you want on it. If your food was not spicy enough or you had rice and you did not want rice, you did NOT SPEAK your preferences. And you can't beat the price. Try it for yourself and make your own decision. A Billy Barou is under $7.00 and it is a bargain with price of tofu and mushrooms being high.

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                        1. re: ShameTheDevil

                          Chipotle loses my vote just from the fact the cheap bastards charge extra for extra salsa. Plus I can't get past the fact McDonalds owns them

                          1. re: theflytyr

                            they do? I always ask for extra in my bowl and have never been charged more.

                            1. re: theflytyr

                              chipotle used to be owned by mcdonalds, they are now independent.

                          2. They are both far better than Qdoba. Which is the latest in that type of restaurant.

                            1. I just had Moe's for lunch. the Billy Barou and a Ugly Naked Guy taco. The menu is hilarious for late 20 to early 30 year olds; however, i can see how the non-Seinfeld / Friend's era would find it annoying. I really like the food, and love that you can add fresh cucs and cilantro to the food. I have never been where they told me i had to have an ingredient on my food such as rice.
                              Personally even if the food was better at Chipotle i would probably stick with Moe's because McDonald's already has enough money.

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                              1. re: strephking

                                McDonald's no longer owns Chipolte. So you can enjoy the better food and rest easy now.

                                  1. re: 0leahmarie

                                    McDonald's divested itself of Chipotle ownership in 2006.

                              2. I prefer Rubios to Moes or Baha but Chipotle is definitely the best in the category.

                                1. anyone ever had Moe's who can compare it to Freebirds in TX?

                                  1. I like Chipotle better as well, but we don't have one nearby. Moe's is an acceptable stand-in -- and one thing that I really like about this chain is that they actually have marinated tofu. It's not a place I'd go out of my way to eat at, but when I need something quick and cheap it's nice to have a vegetarian protein option.

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                                      1. re: amkirkland

                                        It's fine -- nothing particularly special, but I'm always excited to see something like that on a fast food restaurant's menu. It's firm tofu in a light marinade -- it doesn't have a strong flavor (nothing at moe's does, really) but it's nice to have an option to add to the standard rice & beans. I get either nachos or a quesadilla when I eat there with the added veggies, mushrooms, and tofu.

                                        1. re: spyturtle008

                                          so it's not fried? I like the healthiness of tofu, but that often gets blown when its fried.

                                          1. re: amkirkland

                                            Nope, not fried. You can go to Moe's website for nutritional info -- what's neat about it is that you can check which ingredients you would order for a customized readout. I'd imagine that if you got something w/ tofu and w/o cheese & sour cream and went easy on the chips you could get a relatively 'light' meal...

                                            1. re: spyturtle008

                                              Hmmm tofu, no sour cream, no cheese, easy on the chips... sounds exciting. actually, the tofu appears to only save about 50 cals. the best way to go is with the fish. My modus operandi for places like this is the tortilla free route. This always saves at least 300 cals. according to moe's calculator steak, rice, black beans, cheese, guac, and salsa is just under 500 calories. Do i completely believe this... well, lets just say i want more than the 25 calories they allot for gauc.

                                            2. re: amkirkland

                                              The tofu is cooked on the grill in the same marinade as used for steak. Its basically a vinagarette with cilantro and a little salt. It doesn't have much flavor though

                                      2. everyone is complaining they don't like moe's because the menu is too difficult and the burritos aren't as personalized as chiptole. I've worked at Moe's for the past year and the majority of people who come in don't even read the menu, they just walk up to the counter and ask for a burrito/quesadilla/taco... If you have never tried Moe's before this is the way to do it. While ordering you go down the line and they will ask you what you want on it, the more stuff you like, the bigger it would be. If you don't like rice, say no rice.. There doesn't have to be rice on it.
                                        The Moe's I work at is right down the street from Chiptole, and I love Chiptole, but they are very different. If you like spicier things, then go there.. the meat at Moe's just isn't as spicy. You can add hot sauce & jalapenos though

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                                        1. re: 0leahmarie

                                          Can't speak for Chiptole, because there aren't any around here, but I have eaten at Moe's, an I DO get "how to order." I just don't like it that much. I feel it is too "ordinary" for the price. It's ok once in a while, but there are a lot better values locally.

                                          1. re: al b. darned

                                            For the price? I'd be afraid to pay any less. You want a dollar value meal, go to mcdonalds.

                                            1. re: gs3369

                                              Who said "pay less"? I never said I wanted cheap. I said for about what Moe's charges there are two locally owned places that are better. That's what I meant by "value."

                                        2. Here's my take on it. Keeping in mind I live in Canada.

                                          Moe's is good. They make a good burrito that's not at all hard to customize and the chips with it make for a nice meal.

                                          Chipotle is better but more expensive. Not by much and you don't get chips. Keep in mind that everything about Chipotle made me not want to like it. I did anyway.

                                          You can't beat a good local indie. We have a place called Mission Burrito here that kicks the crap out of both. http://davwudsfoodcourt.blogspot.com/...