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Oct 9, 2006 06:57 PM

Moe's Southwest

How does Moe's compare to Chipotle?

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  1. It doesn't.

    Moe's doesn't have the choices like Chipotle does. They have different burritos you can order, unlike at chipotle where you build your own. The "Homewrecker" was OK, but everything was bland. I like my burritos spicy and I couldn't really get it at Moe's. I'd pass.

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    1. re: beerambassador

      Wow, I never really wanted to join chowhound forums but such ignorance can't go unchallenged. You don't have to use the cute names. You can build whatever you want to build, and Moe's has MORE choices, not less, than chipotle.

      1. re: gs3369

        I was just thinking the same thing. At every Moe's I've been to (which is at least 6 or 8), they always let me build whatever I want. I went to Chipotle a lot when it first opened in Florida, but stopped going after about a year because it was all the same.

        That being said, if you like spicy, as beerambassador said, you'll probably have better luck at Chipotle. I thought some items at Chipotle that should have been mild were pretty spicy for the average person.

    2. I'm glad someone started a Moe's thread, because I was just about to do so.

      We tried the new Moe's in South Riding, Loudoun County VA, two nights ago. It was pretty bad. We ordered a quesadilla, a burrito, and fajitas, all with steak.

      The quesadilla and fajitas were almost inedible, because the meat was so salty. I started in on the burrito and at first thought "Hmm, this isn't salty at all." After a few bites I got suspicious so I opened up the burrito -- it wasn't salty because there was no meat in it!

      Moe's is off our list.

      1. Thanks guys! I'll stick with Chipotle!

        1. Give Moe's a try Janet. I've been several times and did not find the food salty, and they were very accomadating as to what toppings, fillings, etc you want.

          The portions are no where near as huge as chipotle, and you also get a small portion of chips at Moe's, and they have a small salsa bar which is nice. They also have (in Maryland) a pretty good fish taco for around $2.50 - including the chips).

          If you end up hating it as the other posters did, your only out $5 - $10. I think you'll like it.



          1. I go to the Moe's at the Ohio State Campus in Columbus, Ohio (went for lunch today, in fact) and the portions are huge, the food is tasty, and it is definitely an decent place to eat. I prefer Chipotle because it is spicier. But give Moe's a try, it sounds like each location just varies in quality.

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