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Oct 9, 2006 06:56 PM

W/i spitting distance of Reagan Airport


We'll be driving from NYC to pick up someone at Reagan airport in DC (on our way to mid VA) and we would like a great casual (bc. we'll be tired and cranky) food experience. I LOVE Vietnamese food and other Asian but we are very flexible and do not want to drive out of our way on the day before a holiday only to drive back towards the airport. (Did I mention that we will have driven several hours and will be cranky? ; ) ) In addtion, we would like to avoid cuisines that we believe cannot be done better than what is available in NYC such as thin crust pizza.

Many thanks,


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  1. I would recommend a place called Afgan Restaurant -- serving, you guessed it, Afgan food. They are located on Rt. 1 (Jeff Davis Hwy) about 2 miles south of the airport towards Alexandria. They service consistently excellent Afgan food -- great kabobs (esp. chicken and lamb), delicious basmati rice, huge hand pressed slabs of Afgan bread, great sauteed pumpkin and eggplant. Place in not much to look at from the outside, but comforatable insided. We go every couple of weeks or so for great chow and it won't take you but a mile or two from the airport.

    Go to Washington Post weblink for more info -- map, address and review:


    1. Well, there's not a lot to choose from... the airport is sort of in a culinary no-man's land. You could head down to RT's on Mt. Vernon Avenue. ( I love their pecan chicken.

      There's really only chain restaurants in Crystal City proper.

      There's Mai Tai down in Old Town that might be what you're looking for. (

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        "Only chain restaurants? Um... Jaleo? (on Crystal Drive) I suppose technically
        it is a chain, since there are 3 of them, but it's hardly what most people think of
        when you say "chain restaurants". Anyway, it's a Spanish (95% tapas)
        place that's really good.

        There's also a string of non-chain places on 23rd street 2 blocks
        west of Rt 1. The Thai place is decent (Urban Thai?), but I don't know
        much about any of the others.

        The best chowish option is actually Kabob palace (preferably the
        counter service original, not the famil restaurant) on Eads immediately
        south of 23rd.

      2. Here is a place that is a very quick drive from the airport, just south. Pretty much in the same direction you'll want to go in.

        Bombay Curry Company is 7 minutes away. Because of its name, you'll especially want to gravitate to the bhel puri, but an order of the chicken wings will produce a smokey, intense dish you may not be able to duplicate back home. No kidding.

        The only problem is finding the place. The address is 3102 Mt Vernon Ave in Alexandria, but it is at the base of an apartment building whose address is 3110. You have to go into the driveway of 3110 to find the place. Use Mapquest for directions.

        1. Second noamb's nomination for Kabob Palace in Crystal City. Mmmmmmmm.

          Tom Sietsema's Washington Post Review:

          1. You want Nam Viet. Less than 10 minutes from the airport, do a mapquest to 3819 Mt. Vernon Avenue, Alexandria, VA.