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Restaurants serving exotic meats?

I'm looking for a restaurant that serves exotic meats, in order to take a friend out for his birthday. He's done kangaroo, wallaby, gator and croc, rabbit and ostrich, so we're looking for something that ranges further afield. Anyone have any recommendations?

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  1. Phong Dinh Vietnamese restaurant in Rosmead. They have fox and snake among other exotic dishes, but call ahead to ensure availability.

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      they took snake off the menu. they probably got the hint about the poor reviews on their snake dishes. although, i don't know if they'll make it if you ask in advance.

      i also second others by calling ahead of time for availability. i've been there when they've sold out of something a bit more common, oysters, and was told they were sold out and had to come earlier in the day

    2. What about turtle, or thousand years egg soup?

      There are a couple of very traditional Chinese restaurants in SGV that serve this cuisine. Anyone know the names? I went to one on Valley (a tiny hole in the wall), but can't recall the name.

      1. At Typhoon in Santa Monica they have the following:

        Chicken Stuffed Waterbugs
        Singapore (style) Scorpions
        Taiwanese Crickets
        Chambi Ants
        White Sea Worms

        A little bit more normal - At the Saddle Peak Lodge in
        Malibu/Calabasas they currently have Elk & Buffalo. I believe I've seen Antelope and Wild Boar there in the past.

        And you can get your Goat at several places around town.

        1. hmm i guess saddle peak lodge would seem a bit tame in comparison. they do have buffalo, etc. but i haven't been there since the chef change.

          also bistro k in south pasadena does some interesting stuff with skate wing and ant eggs and the like.

          and there's always typhoon in santa monica - do bugs qualify as meat though?


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            Sadly, I've been told "eeeeew! No bugs!"

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              Aren't Lobster, Shrimp, etc. just big undersea Bugs?

          2. Personally, I would recommend on focusing on cooking styles and freshness of ingredients over the exotic nature of the dish. A badly-cooked ostrich dish will not taste better than a properly-cooked, plain hamburger. Perhaps you should ask your friend if the exotic nature of the food is more important than how it tastes. However, here are my thoughts....

            At Phong Dinh, they have quail, squab, ostrich, rabbit, venison, kangaoo, goat, boar, alligator, fresh water snake, eel, frog legs, snails, ark shells, and geoduck. As Ernie wrote, you should call in advance to ensure they have the dishes you want.

            If you are interested in Chinese dishes, how about the following:

            Most good Cantonese seafood restaurants (e.g. Empress Harbor or Ocean Star Seafood in Monterey Park, Hop Woo in Alhambra):
            sea cucumber
            shark fin soup
            fish maw with crab meat soup
            bird's nest/swallow's nest soup (seasonal)

            Most Cantonese dim sum restaurants (e.g. 888 in Rosemead)

            phoenix claws (aka chicken feet)
            beef intestines

            Seafood Village in Temple City and Monterey Park:
            Turtle soup
            Chiu Chow cold fish

            Har Lam Kee in Monterey Park:

            Porridge with Pork Blood
            Porridge with Pork Kidney and Livers
            Porridge with Pork Offals
            Pig Hocks with Noodles in Soup
            Goat with Dry Bean Stick Hot pot

            Tasty Garden in Arcadia:
            Marinated pig stomach
            Marinated octopus
            Marinated duck tongue and peanut
            Sauteed Sole Fillet and Bamboo Pith
            [First three are appetizers]

            I'm not sure where to get these:

            1. Fermented tofu (aka Stinky tofu). Try Won Won Kitchen in Temple City
            2. Bitter melon with pork filling. Large, traditional Cantonese restaurants will be your best bet.

            For the more unusual dishes, you should call the restaurant first.

            Happy dining.

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              Thanks! That's very helpful. I think he's going more for checking things off a list than for quality, but I prefer a little of both.

            2. what about the prince in k-town? they have rather exotic dishes (e.g. live baby octopus).

              1. although katmandu is not a fancy, shmancy restaurant,
                they do serve yak.
                Katmandu Kitchen 10855 1/2 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90034 Phone: 310-836-9696

                1. Does Prince have a website?

                  Wait, I'm going to check.

                  1. iPho Restaurant , City Fountain Valley, Orange County. They have Lion chop, Ostrich Filet, Venison, Kangaroo, Kurabuta Pork, Alligator, Python, Frog legs, and even Fresh Emu and
                    Ostrich Eggs. 16086 Harbor Blvd Fountain Valley Ca. 92708 714-418-1749