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Trader Joes no longer sells Chudleigh's Apple Blossoms

Just got confirmation at the West Hartford TJ's today...they discontinued them.

Chudleigh's....you will be sorely missed....

sniff sniff...I mourn thee.

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  1. Safeways here in San Francisco sell frozen apple blossoms under their Safeway Select label. They are almost identical to Chudleigh's. Albertson's sells them under their Essencia label. You should look at your local supermarket's private label frozen dessert section. You may find them there.

    I just went to Chudleigh's website and found that these U.S. supermarkets carry their products:

    Archer Farms
    Giant Eagle
    Harris Teeter
    Hannaford Brothers
    Marsh Supermarkets
    Price Chopper
    Super Target
    Wal-Mart Supercenters

    1. Oh no. Not yet ANOTHER of my favorite TJ's items! ::::Sigh:::: And none of those supermarkets that Nancy Berry listed are near me in the Northeast. ::::Double Sigh:::::

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        LindaWhit, Wegmans is pretty common in the Northeast... none near you at all??

        Also, Albertsons are called Acme in the Northeast.

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          Nope, I've heard that Wegman's won't come to the Boston area, because of too much competition. And with everything I've heard about Wegman's, I *WANT* one here. :-)

          And I know of Acme from growing up in New Jersey, but to the best of my knowledge, none in the Boston area. Just Stop & Shop, Shaws, Star Market, Market Basket, Roche Bros., Trader Joe's & Whole Foods. Maybe one or two other locals.

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            Shaws is owned by Albertsons... you might check in to it.

            And you can always request it to be stocked.

        2. In the Boston area we do have Hannaford's, maybe try there?

          1. Yes, there's a Hannaford's in Waltham. Also, I've seen the Essencia brand apple blossoms at the Allston Shaw's.

            1. I just left the La Mesa, CA TJs not an hour ago. They are there. $3.29

              1. The TJ's in Rochester Hills, MI had a bunch of them on Friday.

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                  As did one of the ones I visited in San Francisco! So they're back here!

                2. For those of you who might not be aware, Chudleigh's Apple Blossoms are made in Ontario, Canada. The apples are grown at Chudleigh's Orchards, located about 1/2 hour west of Toronto, in Milton. It's a great place to go for an outing during apple-picking season. You can pick your own.

                  I would think that the "disappearance" of the Apple Blossoms was probably due to the fact that the pastries made from last year's apple crop were sold out. The new blossoms arriving now in your store freezers have probably just been made using this year's crop.

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                    I had no idea that Chudleigh's products were available so far and wide. I mean, you see them around here, but I always assumed that's because they were from here.

                  2. OK, I'm ignorant: what are apple blossoms?

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                      yeah, I'm confused as well

                      share the info

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                        They are a pastry enclosed apple "tart"

                    2. Here's a link to the Chudleigh's website, and a photo of an Apple Blossom:


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                        Wow! thanks so much for posting the link to the pic. I SEE OATS! I HATE oats in desserts. Whew! Just saved some cash....

                      2. Thanks everyone! One of my buddies here in CT just also (coincidentally) confirmed that there are "apple blossoms" (not Chudleigh's brand name) at our local Price Chopper. I can't wait to get some. Rumor has it they're a couple of bucks more than the price at TJ's.

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                        1. re: masha bousha

                          Since they are available at a number of T.J's why not give them a call first? You may have gotten some mis-information, and they may now carry them!

                          here's a link:


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                            Trader Joe's only carries Chudleigh's apple blossoms. It's worth it to go to Safeway or other stores to buy their other flavors. I particularly like the Safeway Select "Bumbleberry" (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and apples) blossoms. You can also find their blueberry blossoms and peach blossoms at Albertson's under the Essensia label.

                            Here's some more info re Chudleigh's from their website:


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                              Thanks for the info..I am not an apple pie fan, but I really like blueberry as well as peach...so Albertson's it is!

                        2. I purchased some at the Cary, North Carolina TJ's on 12/26/06.

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                            Trader Joe's now carries them under their private label. From Chudleigh's website (http://www.chudleighs.com/press_releases):

                            ""private label business is now developing in the United States, step by step through the premium segment," according to A. G. Manoian, vice-president of marketing. "We started with our most popular product, Apple Blossom, which is a single piece of old-fashioned, apple pie, uniquely shaped like an apple blossom, fully baked, individually wrapped, and microwaveable. Initially," Manoian continues, "some of the innovators in private label, such as Trader Joe's and Harris Teeter, picked this up under their store brands. "