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Oct 9, 2006 06:28 PM

Need rec for dinner near Wiltern

Seeing the Pogues next Weds at the Wiltern. Not really our area since we are from OC, what would be good & would work for pre-concert (I think concert is at 8)

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  1. Get ready for a barrage of Opus recs. It's really the only move.

    My review here:

    1. The original comment has been removed
        1. I asked the same question last week, and got only Opus as a response. It's the perfect choice, look no further. Just DON'T valet park there!!!!! Not only will you wait an hour for your car, but you'll be charged 3x the posted price, just because you walked over to The Wiltern.

          1. You are also right in Koreatown and there are tons of restaurants within a few blocks that serve up really good food. There is a Brazilian style churrascaria (sp?) a block west on wilshire called M Grill. For Korean bbq, there is Safety zone a few blocks east or another one on the corner of wilton and wilshire which is supposed to be really good (a few blocks west of the wiltern). You can take a walk a few blocks up western and get Korean fast food at the California Mart (4th or 5th st), a Korean supermarket with food stalls inside.

            In honor of the pogues, i'd suggest an irish pub. i think the closest might be molly malone's on fairfax, but that might be too far. There is also the HMS Bounty on wilshire west of vermont for some old school hollywood bar action, and they serve some pub food. At least you can drink like the pogues, wait, that might not be possible.