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Oct 9, 2006 06:28 PM

Noodle Pho

I got a haircut at Sal's on 37th ave. I needed to celebrate. I figured i'd try out that newish spot on 73rd st called Noodle Pho. It's tiny little restaurant with maybe 5 or so tables off of Roosevelt ave. It somehow manages to be both rundown and cheery at the same time. Go figure.

I ordered the Chicken Pho and some egg rolls. As soon as I finished ordering, a plate of bean sprouts, jajlpenos, cilantro and a lime wedge appeared on my table alongside a plate of Kimchi. The Kimcchi was wonderful but I thought it a little strange for a Vietnamese place but what the hell. Then the Pho arrived. A huge bowl of Chicken and noodles(only 5.99) I loaded it up with bean sprouts, jalapenos etc and dug in. It was a little bland at first but after I added some of the pepper sauce that was sitting on my table it came to life. I should say that this is the first bowl of Pho I've ever had but I thought it was excellent. It tasted very fresh and clean. Not the least bit oily. The noodles were of a fine, firm texture and the chicken was well chicken. Once again...very good.

The two women who were running the place couldn't have been any nicer. They gave me a second plate of kimchi after I devoured the first, they filled me up with more soup when I was down to only noodles and they told me wouldn't serve me the eggrolls because they werent fresh. I thought that was nice.

Has anyone else tried this place? How does it compare to other Pho in the extended hood?

They also list Ra Myun on the menu so maybe ther is a little Korean/Vietnamese thing going on

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  1. I tried it once when they first opened and took home the Chicken PO and it was fair. Favorite is PHO BAC in Elmhurst. I always order #25 Beef Round & Brisket. A while back someone reviewed Noodle PHO and it was extemely negative. I may try it again but this time the Beef Noodle Soup. Yes, the ladies are very pleasant at Noodle PHO. PHO BAC is located at 82-78 Broadway in a small mall with restaurants. Actually their are two Vietnamese in this mall but I didn't like the PHO in the other one (don't remember the name).

    1. I posted this back in September:

      I checked out this pho place [Noodle Pho] today. Unfortunately, it wasn't very good. Having been spoiled by the pho in LA, this was probably the worst bowl of pho I've ever had.

      The place is run by Koreans and their facsimilie of pho is not up to par. First is the lack of choice in the meats department. They've got the rare beef, meatballs, and tripe. However, no tendon! My favorite pho is a combo with extra tendon. Oh well. The plate of herbs that they brought out was pitiful. A small mound of bean sprouts, a wedge of lime, few slices of jalapeno and 4 sorry-looking cilantro leaves. No ngo gai (the saw-tooth herb), nor mint, nor even basil. I could have overlooked the lack of foliage, but the broth was bland with no flavor of star anise or any other spice, and definately not a high enough beef to water ratio. It also wasn't hot enough to force me to slurp the noodles. The "rare beef pho" also arrived without a trace of pink remaining on the gray meat. The noodles were a bit overcooked and not the fresh kind. The spring roll I'd ordered was nothing special, containing fake crabmeat instead the shrimp I was expecting. Even the complementary kimchee I was offered was below average and my water tasted like soap.

      The two Korean ladies serving were nice to me however. Perhaps the chicken pho or the Korean-leaning dishes are better. But it looks like yet another mediocre addition to the hood.

      1. Wow...that bad. Well I enjoyed it. I'll have to make it a point to check out the places in Elmhurst. Thanks for the response.

        1. I tried it for the first time last night. Got kimchi tofu ramyun for myself and beef/something pho for my SO. Ramyun was a let down. Since it's a Korean place, I thought they'd be good at them than in Pho, but it was bleh. The noodles were curly ones from packets (not home-made! or at least frozen fresh variety). The broth was bland and the sauce was a generic chinese take-out variety, not korean style roasted pepper flakes thick liquified powder kind.
          I tasted my SO's pho and it was a notch better. I liked the broth - it was very herbal, but overall pho was pretty mediocre.
          Since I was a bit under weather, both soups kind of did their job, but didn't make me want to go back.
          One update on the place - they're setting tables for hot pot (or shabu shabu). The owner lady said - it will be in operation this weekend. I may go try when they're set - they had soft tofu on their shabu shabu menu, which they didn't have on others. and it's only 5.99
          BTW, their kimchi was pretty mediocre as well, but I'm probably spoiled by superb kimchi from HanAhReum.

          1. I posted about it when it first opened -- had chicken pho and really enjoyed it. I went back again a few days ago, had the same thing, enjoyed it again. If somebody asked for a Pho spot worth traveling to, I'd recommend Pho Bac but, I think Noodle Pho is worth a visit if you're out running errands in the neighborhood and want a cheap tasty meal served up by some very nice people. And sometimes, that really is enough.

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              Noodle Pho will soon be in for some competition. Opening in a few weeks around the corner is Thai Son a Vietnamese restaurant at 40-10 74th St. Someone recently posted it's being opened by the owner of Thai Son on Baxter St in Manhattan. I'm hoping the PHO is as good as PHO Bac in Elmhurst.

              1. re: Mike V

                Mike, I'd read your post about ThaiSon and was actually hoping they'd be open that night, but they weren't so I ended up going to Noodle Pho.
                I also felt that with their Shabu Shabu thing they're gearing to thwart off competition.

                1. re: welle

                  Welle, the sign's up and work is in progress. I'm guessing two weeks. ThaiSon gets great reviews on Baxter St. Hope it's similar in JH's. You mention Shabu Shabu. Is ThaiSon planning on having this or is this something Noodle Pho has? Isn't this a Japanese dish? Anyway, I'm hoping both Restaurants survive.

                  1. re: Mike V

                    Thanks, Mike.

                    Shabu-shabu is at Noodle Pho - they cut wholes in the tables and installed little pots in them. The owner told me it should be in operation this week. From the pictures and what the owner told me it looks like it's going to be something like make your own soup thing. Unlike Chinese hotpot where you dunk ingredients and eat them separately from the broth. I could've misunderstood. Will see.

                    1. re: welle

                      That's so funny -- when I was in there the other day, pre-table holes, there was a guy in there futzing around with a small electric saw. He kept revving it up and, for some reason, it struck him, the woman who owns the place, and me (while eating my chicken pho) as pretty funny and we all sat around just sort of giggling. I think they were amused that I was amused (cause, actually, it didn't make for themost relaxing meal). I guess he put the saw to work a short while later....yet another DIY fix on IKEA tables.