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Dinner in Costa Mesa

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Looking for a nice/new? restaurant in Costa Mesa to go to this weekend. We usually love Turner's but were hoping for something new in that area.

Fancy/$$$ is fine, but it certainly doesn't have to be.

Any ideas?

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  1. How about Onotria? Especially good if you are wine lovers. The food is quite fresh and the flavors stand out.

    The space is very wine contry. All tables though, no booths. More of light and airy than dark and romantic.


    1. how about Darya? Higher-end Persian restaurant -- fancy decor, but not that expensive. I haven't been there in years, but I recall it being pretty delicious.


      1. You could try Antonello's. Excellent wine selections and food.


        1. Mastro's Steakhouse (next door to Chat Noir, which is also a luxe and sexy)is tops (though a newcomer) for ultra upmarket surf-and-turf fare. Decadent setting, top service.

          Onotria is nice as well-- but best if you love wine and a chatty chef/owner.

          Royal Khyber is very good for upscale Indian. Darya in the same center is snazzy Persian and a busy gathering spot for the social Persian set... worthy food and service.

          1. Wild Rabbit


            If you're willing to go up to Tustin, there is the new SevenS Steakhouse that just got written up in the OCRegister on Friday.

            1. www.aireglobal.com

              Ill bet you that you will say this is the most incredible restaurant you have been to in a long time. Its in the Camp...where the Lodge restaurant used to be.

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                Never heard of this place! I gotta get out more...what kind of crowd goes there? It looks fascinating.

              2. Truffles on Newport Blvd in CM is small but very good. I agree with the reply about about Pinot Provence. Wonderful.
                Also, if you venture to Newport; you have your pick from Flemings and Roy's; amazing wine selections and great food.

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                  I think you mean the The Golden Truffle. Amazing food. Just make sure that Alan Greeley is cooking the night you go.