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any ideas as to where i can get sumac? so far i've looked at albertson's and whole foods.


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  1. I bought some over the weekend at Berkeley Bowl. I would imagine that middle Eastern markets would have it as well.

    1. Yeah, any Middle Eastern market should have it.

      1. I've bought it at Rainbow Coop.

        1. Lhasa Karnak in Berkeley carries it.


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            Probably more turnover at Indus Village or Zand.

          2. Zand's on Solano in Albany. Sumac's luscious on salads.

            1. Parkside market on Taraval in SF.

              1. The produce store on Irving and 22nd Ave sells it.

                1. Farmer Joe's on Fruitvale has it.

                  1. In SF, the Bi-Rite Market on 18th & Guerrero (next to Delfina and Tartine, and an easy walk from 16th/Mission BART) has it.