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Oct 9, 2006 05:45 PM

London Challenge: Where can I get early morning grub?

Please help! We've got a young one and are up and at 'em. Aubaine opens at 8-fine. Wolseley not until 9. Our locals, Ottolenghi and Tom's - again, not until 9. Electric is early but crap. We're looking for a delicious breakfast in the west end that starts early.

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  1. fox and anchor, smithfields market - 10 minutes from the west end by cab at that time. opens at 7.00 .. and its the best breakfast in town.

    1. Fox & Anchor is out of business, you could try the Cock Tavern at the other end of Smithfield market.

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        when did that happen?!

        now i really aint gonna miss the city one bit.

      2. The F&A used to be excellent. It got taken over by Nicholsons, I believe and became much more standard. I did not know it had closed though. I still see signs for it on Charterhouse St

        The Cock is pretty good and I had a decent brekkie there in the Summer

        Friends have been telling me The New Market Tavern on the South side of Smithfield is pretty good too although I have not been

        1. how about sam's brasserie, raoul's, paul or le pain quotodien?

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            Don't know Sam's...where is that? Hate Raoul's, hate Paul (ok for bread but can't stomach the overabundance of butter smell) and Le Pain Quotidien is ok. Seems to be a side conversation going on about pub brekkie...anyone else have suggestions? Are you telling me there's no place to breakfast at 7.30 on a Saturday?

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              Sam's Brasserie is located in a little back alley off Chiswick High Road, just west of the Turnham Green area.


          2. It's not quite an answer to your question, so apologies for that, but this is a great place for breakfast lovers:


            so you can have your sausage and eat it.