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Oct 9, 2006 05:31 PM


So its my birthday coming up and I would like to go to a restaurant in Toronto with at LEAST 3 but would definetly want more courses with appropriate wine pairings. Sounds not too challenging a task to find a place, since there are tonnes of fabulous restaurants in town, but my family (mother and sister) are VERY picky eaters. I mean, its embarassing. I need a menu or at least a restaurant that will cater to their plain jane eating requirements. There is no point in paying hundreds of dollars for a meal they are going to pick at. Please tell me there is a solution

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  1. I would try either Splendido or Scarmouche

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      have you have any experience with either? How accomodating would they be do you think?

    2. Jov bistro on Bayview would get my vote. I thorougly enjoyed the meal I had there a few years ago. They were very accomodating with my father (I had the wine pairings, he was driving so he didn't, but, they offered to serve him a half portion of wine to go with the course that would most benefit from it at no extra charge) and the courses were really just well done French without anything 'exotic'. However, their prices have gone up about $20-25 dollars since then and the wine serving size is down (from 5oz to 3oz I think). They also changed ownership. However, I have a friend who went recently and said the food has managed not to suffer in the changes.

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        well I dont mind if wine sizes are smaller, as Im a small girl and alcohol effects me quickly!! I would like to remember this meal haha is it pre fixed or do they like ask you what you DO NOT want kind of and they make a menu up for you? Because I'm prtty open to try new things, different kinds or cuts of meat or fish, but Im so worried about my family. Like they are very meat and potatoes kind of thing (Its sad, I know)

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          It is pre-fixed. Four Course Tasting menu for $70 or 7 course Chef's Table for $100. Wine Pairings are mentioned and not priced or described on the page.

          They don't ask questions about likes and dislikes (a la Perigee). Although, I have heard bad reports of some places where they asked the questions and ignored the answers.

          Anyways, they also have a set menu on their website that might allow you to judge if you parents would like it. Check it out at (its a flash page and I can't cut and paste the menu here). The menu as posted is certainly more adventurous now under the new chef (Masayuki Tamaru) than under the former one (Owen Steinberg). So maybe it isn't the suggestion I thought it was. But, go and have a look.

          Gosh when I went, it was the year they opened and it was $75 for 4 courses with the wine! Oh well, I guess they got busy and got good reviews so up went the prices! Although, the meal was good enough and the wine good enough (some nice Meridian Cab-Sauv with the main course, and a nice Tokaji with Desert stand out in my memory) that I would go back and pay the new prices.

      2. I've been to both Splendido and Scaramouche in the past year. Both have excellent food and are very accomadating. However, I find Splendido more flexible and their wine pairing more adventurous. Of course Scaramouche can provide you with a great view of downtown if you manage to book a window table! Either way, I don't think you can go wrong.

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          Alright thats good to hear. Either way, I think I will call ahead and talk to them about my little issue at hand haha. How many courses is splendido and do you know the price?

        2. Their 'Table d'hote' is $98 for three courses, excluding amuse bouche. Best value, however, is their 6-7 course tasting menu at $120. Though $180 with wine pairing, you can cut down the price by requesting smaller wine servings. Best is to visit their website at and then call to talk to their co-owner, Yannick, with your special requests. Have fun!!

          1. I can highly reccomend Splendido. Iwent to dinner with 5 people. One was a strict vegan no dairy even, one a vegetarian, one had numerous allergies, one would not eat fish, and one was an omnivore. they accomodated all requests beautifully, and produced a superb meal. their service is excellent and I will certainly be returning.

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              oh that sounds perfect. I am so nervous about even presenting my family's dilema to the waitor, but I feel better now ahha THANSK GUYS!
              gmja, what did your menu consist of?