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Oct 9, 2006 04:46 PM

Thanksgiving in Chicago

So my company is sending me to Chicago for Thanksgiving week. My wife is tagging along and we wanted to know of any restaurants that are offering Thanksgiving Day meals. It doesn't even have to be a traditional Thanksgiving meal. We will be staying at the Peninsula and would like to keep the restaurant somewhat close to that.

Thanks for any and all suggestions

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  1. I Live here in Chicago and have done TG out at restaurants 3 times twice at the Four Seasone and once at Ditkas on Chestnut . Both are near your hotel The Four Seasons was a buffet style meal it had everything you could imagin from a station with all kinds of salads ,pate ,crab ect to a Asian station with egg rolls pot stickers stir frys and then there was the main courses with Turkey and all the fixins it was not your traditional style but more like a individual kinda alamode of turkey stuffing potaotes.. it tastes good although my description might not me to good.. in addition to turkey they had beef fish ribs all high end good quality in a nice setting it pretty much had most anything you could want.. in addition there was a huge desert table with all sorts of cakes pies.. its was good and it cost alot by they time we left it was 150 a head I think... Ditkas was sit down 2 or 3 kinds of turkey one was turduckin you sit down they bring it to you all you can eat .. it was pretty good we sat up stairs its nice but more banquet style rooms .. donwstairs in the main restaurnat would be better if you went to Ditkas... As far as I remember when I was eating out TG most of the hotels and restaurants had something going on so if you know a restaurant you like in the city I bet they have a TG dinner of some sort set up....

    1. The Four Seasons buffet is overwhelming. Mike Ditkas is underwhelming and not a good place for holidays.

      Try Coco Pazzo. Its a beautiful and tasteful restaurant and they offer a traditional and reasonable Thanksgiving meal. Here's some more information:

      Enjoy your stay.

      1. Bin 36 has a Thanksgiving meal that sounds like alot of fun. I haven't been there, but it's reasonably priced ($40) and served family-style.

        1. thanks everyone for the suggestions, Ill report what we decided on.

          1. You can't go wrong at the Four Seasons for a Thanks Giving Dinner.