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Oct 9, 2006 04:37 PM

Lunch at Henry's Hunan--quick review

I loved this hole-in-the-wall for lunch. Started with the dumplings with hot sauce. They appeared to be steamed pork dumplings. The sauce had just the right amount of "bite." They are served in a bowl, and a great starter for 3-4 people so you can save room for one of their great lunch dishes. I had one of the "rice dishes" with chicken and veggies. I asked for all white meat, and not too spicy (unlike my friend, who asked for extra spicy). It was perfectly prepared, very fresh, and I will be back!

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  1. Henry's Hunan gets mentioned every once in a while. When I'm in the mood for a salt overload (which is often), I crave their Harvest Pork or chow mein with smoked ham.

    A true chowhound (though I'm not aware that this person posts on Chowhound) wrote up her/his march through the menu.

    Apparently quality varies a fair amount across locations. I've had good luck at the Sansome near Broadway one; where did you go?

    1. I went to the one on Sacramento, near Montgomery. What are your favorite places for Chinese food in SF near Chinatown?

      1. I haven't tried many of the countless places in and near Chinatown, but the few I return to include:


        Sam Lok, for dan dan mien, cumin beef sticks, and chicken with explosive chili pepper

        Great Eastern for dim sum (when going to Millbrae isn't an option)

        Utopia for claypot