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Oct 9, 2006 04:31 PM

Slanted Door-quick review

Sat at the bar at Slanted Door last week and had a great meal, as usual. Good thing I got there just after 5. Dinner service starts at 5:30, but before that you can have appetizers. By 5:30 no seats were left, and I am sure it stayed that way. Started with the Spring Rolls, and left half because I decided by that point I wanted to make it to dinner. They were wonderful--plump fresh shrimp and veggies with a thai-peanut dipping sauce. Bartender was great about giving me tastes of various wines to go with each course--a benefit of sitting at the bar, and why I love this place. My entree, Shaking Beef, could not have been better. Cubes of filet expertly cooked, slightly crisp on the outside and the prettiest shade of pink inside with a wonderful, slightly sweet taste. Ordered a side of the White Corn which was also good, but of course, too much food for one person (I ordered a half order of the veggie, which was still too much). The hardest thing about this place is choosing what to order because everything is too good, so make sure you go with a group and have everyone order something different!

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  1. Thanks for the update on Slanted Door and an update to the end of your story on another post. Even if you didn't choose a new place, good to hear you had a good meal. Are the appetizers at the bar the same as the regular menu?

    1. My mother told me last weekend that she had the Shaking Beef at Slanted a while ago, and for some reason she claims our app @ Skates by the Bay (where we were having dinner) of terriyaki tenderloin was pretty similar... maybe she was mistaken?

      1. rworange, the appetizers at the bar are the same as the regular menu, but until 5:30 there are a few that cannot be ordered.

        SU, I haven't been to Skates, so I can't comment on that--but if it is similar, it must be a good place!

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          There are different menus for lunch (11-2:30), "afternoon tea" (2:30-5:30), and dinner (5:30-closing). Doesn't matter where you're sitting.

          Slanted Door (problematic but has some good Cal-Chinese-Vietnamese food) and Skates (mediocre corporate chain surf-n-turf-American-whatever) don't have much in commmon except a bay view. Shaking beef is marinated with Vietnamese spices and stir-fried while tenderloin teriyaki should be grilled with a Japanese soy glaze.