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Oct 9, 2006 04:26 PM

How do you individually wrap homemade candies

Like caramels for instance? I may attempt this for xmas or even thanksgiving this you you wrap them nicely for gifts?

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  1. I just use twisted waxed paper, and have received them in twisted waxed paper (like saltwater taffy is wrapped). It takes forever if you are making a lot.

    1. I made sea salt caramels for Christmas last year, and wrapped them in professional candy wrappers from my local cooking supply store, Surfas. I folded them square rather than with end twists. They're much prettier than waxed paper, and look so professional!

      However, I just did a check and you can purchase them online as well.

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      1. re: Kishari

        Thanks to you both! I was actually thinking of doing salted caramels...

        1. re: Kishari

          Those are great prices too! I made the double chocolate caramels from epicurious for thank you gifts around fall last year, and just used waxed paper, but I found the wax paper frustrating to stay folded and closed around the caramels (I don't know how to describe that)! I might have to order some of those foils... that sounds much easier and prettier!

          As a side note, I used those cellophane bags with twist ties for my toffee and they really looked pretty in those. (I used the Mixed Nut Spiced Toffee recipe on epicurious and it is FANTASTIC!) Also, for cookies last year, some for the Cookie of the Month Club that I did, I used those cylinder wine boxes... I was pretty proud of that profound moment when I discovered my Snickerdoodles fit perfectly!!

          1. re: Katie Nell

            Katie Nell, how were those double chocolate caramels? I have never made caramels and I really want to give it a try this year. And I agree about the foils...

            1. re: prunefeet

              Well... it was my first time at caramels, and I'm not sure how they turned out! They *tasted* absolutely fabulous, but they never quite set up. I'm not sure if this was something that I did wrong or if it was the recipe or what. I know that a lot of people say that making caramels is pretty tricky, and it seemed like there were so many variables that could have gone wrong. I actually was thinking that I might try a test batch again here soon, because the flavor really was out of this world. You could eat them if you ate them straight out of the fridge, but other than that, they kind of made a really thick fudge sauce and my apartment wasn't hot or anything. Who knows!