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Oct 9, 2006 04:25 PM

Gluten-Free Millbrae?

Hi Guys,
Meeting a girlfriend of mine for lunch. She works on the other side of 101 in Millbrae/Burlingame area. I am familiar with Max's, but really am not that impressed with the food there. The one catch is that she is gluten sensitive. This makes going to Asian restaurants beside for sushi very difficult. Any recommendations for sushi in the area? I can always hop on the freeway and go to downtown San Mateo, but was wondering if there was a better option. Looking through the posts I saw a rec. for Osho Japanese, any thoughts?

Types of food we can do: salads, American w/ non-sandwich options, sushi.

HELP! Lunch is at 12:00 today, so the sooner the better!



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  1. Two suggestions:

    Gluten Free By The Bay

    Sushi! Remind her you're going for sushi so she can bring her own gluten-free soy sauce. Almost anything at a sushi joint that doesn't have soy sauce or isn't breaded and fried is going to be safe for a person who's gluten intolerant.