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Oct 9, 2006 04:25 PM

Has anyone tried any recipes from Nancy Baggett's Cookie cookbook?

I am getting ready to launch into my holiday cookie project (freezing them) and am largely going to rely on her recipes. Any favorites? The book is called something like All American Cookies or something like that...

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  1. I made and liked the Apple Saucers. They're a big, old fashioned, soft cookie. I took them to a get-together and one old timer made a point of telling me how much he liked them. You can't getum like that any more."

    I made several a few years ago for Christmas boxes but can't remember what. Talk about old timer.

    Any way, I think it's a great cookie book and can't understand the lack of responses to your post.

    1. This book has my 'go-to' recipes for snickerdoodles and peanut butter cookies.

      1. I own this book, and it's definitely a keeper. The cut down version of Crescent Dragonwagon's oatmeal cookies is foolproof and great, as are her gingersnaps. Only complaint is nearly all recipes use shortening and corn syrup to produce the right texture. It works; it's food science; but it icks me out slightly.

        For less "commercial" cookies, the King Arthur Cookie Book absolutely rocks. There are some recipes that use shortening, but many are comparable to Baggett's but use all butter.

        1. I love this cookbook.

          If you get tired of trying cookies, make her Supreme Brownie recipe, it's easy and it's deliciously fabulous.

          1. Hooray, thanks for the responses! Yeah, I was surprised no one was answering. I am definitely intending to do the snickerdoodles, tho I have never actually eaten one. Her description of the texture won me over. Also thumbprints, 4 fruit trolls and some others...the black bottom thingies in mini muffin cups look really good too. I like it that she tells you how well and how long each recipe lasts in the freezer. Great for holiday time. I may get started after work!! Also, thanks to the_MU for the King Arthur reco, I hear you about the corn syrup and shortening...