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Oct 9, 2006 04:21 PM

Roll and Dough

anoyone been? reviews?

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  1. Try a search using the keyword "bing"

    1. Yes and it's awesome. To be full for under 4 bucks in the NYC is amazing and they're always handing out free samples. Bing.

      1. The "Bing" lady delivers, too. Some of their pressed sandwiches are $1.50. Ask for the dumpling sauce (vinegar + soy?) to pour into the sandwich after you've had the first bite. Pork and cabbage are really popular. I also like their real-fruit watermelon or honeydew 'smoothie' except it's really a slushee--there's no milk in it.

        I also like their hand-made boiled dumplings. The dough is tender and fresh. I could eat an entire order of dumplings, and still eat a bing (sandwich) as well, they're so good.

        1. Yes, I think there was a thread already going. Also, she was featured in one of the local papers the other day. If I can find the article I'll post a link.