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Oct 9, 2006 04:18 PM

warner center - woodland hills

is there anything worth eating around here? this is de soto/victory area. i'm hoping to find a good coffee shop and lunch places, but things are looking dreary so far.

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  1. Not many, but at least Gorikee on Ventura Blvd. in the same shopping center with Jerry's Deli at Topanga Canyon is a very good place for lunch and dinner. It is the farthest reaches of the center, tucked back in the corner behind Western Bagel.
    Depending on how much time you may have for lunch, at 19744 Sherman Way there is Carrillo's Deli in the same center as Smart & Final. Really good fresh Mexican food, which will never remind you of El Torito or Taco Hell.

    1. if you go a few blocks west from De Soto, there's a small strip center with a Subway, thai restaurant, rib place, chinese and sushi place. i've tried them all except for subway and the rib place and they were okay, passable for lunch. i didn't try the rib place because it was a bit pricey for lunch, smelled good tho.

      1. Oops, forgot Weiler's Deli on Victory on the north side of the street is fairly good, especially given the competitive environment around there. Now if you are willing to drive to Northridge or Thousand Oaks for Brent's, then my comment would have to be tempered by the comparison factor.

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          I work in Warner Center too and Gorikee is a regular lunch stop for me. Other places that may interest you are:

          California Pita Grill: in the same shopping center as Gorikee. Good for kabobs, gyros, and hummus.

          Mission Burrito: on the corner of Canoga and Vanowen for mexican.

          Dan's Super Subs: on Ventura and Shoup Ave. for good sandwiches.

          Pasta Pomodoro: in the shopping center on Owensmouth/Victory, next to the CompUSA store for good italian.