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Oct 9, 2006 03:58 PM

Glasgow: Which would you pick??


I have three dinners out in Glasgow with a friend next month - One night is definitely going to be the Ubiquitous Chip, but I'm having trouble settling on the other two nights.

My friend is pretty health concious, but willing to splurge on the calories if it's worth it, we like fresh, light ingredients (think California cusine) and modern, lively settings (nothing too stuffy). Price isn't an issue. Here are the options - please help me pick two!!:

Chardon D'or
Two Fat Ladies
The Wild Bergamot
No. 16

Thank you!!

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  1. Out of your list, I would recommend Chardon d'Or and No. 16. CdO is classic French, great service and an excellent dining experience overall. No.16 is modern light Scottish food, lively (the restaurant is tiny, some would say cramped) with a superb wine selection.

    If you're looking for something a bit different, there is a Malaysian place, low-key, terrible decor but serving the best authentic SE Asian food in Scotland (including wonderful soft-shell crab). Called Asia Style on St Georges Road

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    1. re: Sea Urchin Ragout

      Thanks! I made reservations At Chardon d'Or and No. 16 - Anything in particular you would recommend ordering?

      I'll be sure to try Asia style soon too but I'm not sure it's the right fit for these dinners!

      1. re: Hungryfina

        Not sure how much the menu has changed at Brian Maule's but I assume they'll have the wood pigeon salad on the menu which was perfect. The tasting menu looked interesting but sadly didn't have time to try it on my last visit.

        As for 16, I enjoyed my first taste of lythe fillet (a white fish similar to but tastier than haddock) there with a fantastic beure blanc sauce. Warmly recommended.

      2. re: Sea Urchin Ragout

        This sounds interesting - do they serve roticannai the little roti/pancakes with the curry dipping sauce?

        1. re: butterchicken2nan

          They do indeed. The pancakes are slightly greasy but incredibly tasty...word has got out on the street though, last time I was there, there wasn't a table not having pancakes ;)