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Interesting Hot Alcoholic Drinks—Suggestions?

I'm on a mission to find interesting hot alcoholic drinks. Beyond the usual Irish coffee. Anyone had anything memorable in Boston, or nearby?

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  1. The B-side has a number of hot alcoholic drinks. Last month a friend had one of the hot chocolate/booze concoction and really enjoyed it! Sorry for not having many specifics but I would check it out.

    1. A whole page of the Oak Bar's bar menu consists of coffee-based alcoholic beverages: probably about 10-12 offerings. I've only had the one that involves Bailey's (among other liquers) but it was tasty and a heck of a caffeine jolt, at least for this non-habitual coffee drinker. I imagine the other top notch hotel bars (Bristol, Ritz, Intrigue, possibly Rialto) would also have good options.

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        peel, did you notice any other hot drinks, beside coffee?

        One thing that shocked me when I moved to Boston was how few places had hot cider available for cider-based drinks. I mean, it gets COLD here, how can they not have cider!? Maybe Silvertone had cider. I can't remember where I finally found cider.

        In addition to the B-Side, I would guess that Eastern Standard will have a selection of hot drinks. That will definitely be worth investigating! No. 9 featured the Tom and Jerry last winter.

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          Alcachofa, I didn't notice any hot drinks other than the coffee-based ones at the Oak Bar, and for that matter, I didn't notice any seasonal offerings on their cocktail menu at all. I *think* I remember having something apple cider-based last winter at the Ritz - though that I might be mixing that up with a spiked eggnog that I hunted and hunted for last Christmas.

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            Love, love, love T&J's & am so glad to finally hear of a place that makes them. Always have had to wait till Xmastime in MN. Thanks!

        2. Try Grendel's Den in Harvard Square, where the cozy environment will match your hot drink!

          1. I had a nice cider with buttered rum and a sugar/cinnamon rim this week at Ashmont Grill - it's called something specific but It's posted on the blackboard behind the bar. and it was goooood. (esp. w/the squash/pumpkin bisque).

            1. Thanks for the tips---I'm going scavenging this week!

              1. Is there anywhere else besides the Ritz that serves a respectable eggnog? I'm looking to drink my holiday calories this year.

                1. Please see my post about Anise. The winter warmer is delicous, and I bet Frank could make you *anything* your heart desires.

                  1. Second the Winter Warmer at Anise, and would also add the Hot Toddy at Eastern Standard, and that 'tis the season for the fabulous Tom & Jerry's at No. 9.

                    FYI - Tom & Jerry: