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Oct 9, 2006 03:00 PM

good Armenian?

A colleague at school is from Armenia and we're trying to find a good Armenian restaurant. Anything in Watertown? Or anywhere else near Boston?

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  1. Karoun on Washington near Walnut in Newton is Armenian (IIRC).

    1. I second Karoun. Really good food, if slightly expensive. Fridays and Saturdays they have very good middle eastern entertainment. You won't be disappointed. Enjoy!

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        I am in love with Karoun. I just had dinner there Friday night. The Armenian Chopped salad is my favorite. I also loved the stuffed grape leaves.

      2. You can check out Karoun's menu here:

        Personally, I'd take them to East Watertown, pick up food at the various shops and go home and have a feast. You may want to search on here for Eastern Lahmejun, Massis, and Arax for previous recommendations.

        I would also highly recommend Cafe Barada in North Cambridge. They're not Armenian, but Lebanese and the food is very similar. They have great labne.

        I haven't been yet, but have read how good the Family Restaurant in Brookline is. They have kufteh and fassoulia which are things my family eats, but it depends on your friend and where their family was from if this is typically Armenian food for them.

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          Be sure to add Sevan Bakery on Mt. Auburn in East Watertown to the list, run by an Armenian family from Turkey for their homemade tarama, lemony grape leaves, etc.

          1. re: Taralli

            Although it's not a restaurant, rather a bakery/deli, I wanted to add my vote for Sevan Bakery. We found ourselves in the neighborhood this weekend and dropped in, and ended up buying a ton of great stuff: homemade lahmejune ("Armenian pizza" - very thin flatbread topped with ground beef and spices), dolmas, hommous, feta and red pepper spread, some good Lebanese olives, and baklava. Not a bad way to put together a meal on the fly.

            We are missing Ararat BBQ in Watertown, with their unbelievable garlic sauce. We ended up using a 'reverse engineered' recipe from the LA Chowhound board to reproduce something similar: see here --
            Made it ourselves tonight and it was fantastic.

        2. Make that another vote for Karoun.

          Not a restaurant, but Bazaar International Foods, a Russian grocery store in in Brookline sells a number of Aremenian dishes e.g. khinkali.

          1. We took a friend there for her birthday a week ago Friday. The food was very good - the mezza plate, with all the usual offerings, was enjoyed by all. Lamb kebabs with rice pilaf were very tasty. Nice wines by the glass. The servers were warm and hospitable (I think Karoun is family-owned and run. But, the belly dancer made the evening unique and fun, and a great celebration for our friend. Highly recommended as a fun, festive choice.