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Oct 9, 2006 02:46 PM

Piri Piri Sauce & Portuguese in Chicago

Hello! Am just returned from a trip to Portugal, and am in search of the delicious piri piri sauce they serve with their roasted chicken...from viewing previous posts, it seems that there are not a lot of Portuguese resources here in Chicago, and maybe someone has come across a new Portuguese grocery store/bakery/eatery?


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  1. Hello Im portuguese and believe you cant find piri piri here in chicago,but you can find in Newark New Jersey there are a lot of portuguese stores in there!!

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      As Rosinha mentioned, there are several online merchants in Newark and New England (Fall River, New Bedford) that sell Piri Piri sauce. I believe the most common brand is Ma├žarico. The only problem with some of these places is that the shipping tends to be very expensive.

      I would also love to find a place in Chicagoland that has Portuguese Olive Oil. Food and cooking just isn't the same without Victor Guedes or Saloio!

      Another source that you might want to try is Nando's, the famous Piri Piri chicken establishment which originated in South Africa a few decades ago. They are ubiquitous throughout the UK and they now have a place in Washington, DC. I think if you follow this link you might be able to mail order some:

      Boa Sorte!

    2. World Market carries Nando's sauce, and you can pick up African style peri peri spice rub at Whole Foods.