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Oct 9, 2006 02:09 PM

oatmeal in crock pot

i remember hearing a person on KCRW's Good Food and mentioning that he does steel cut oatmeal in a crock pot. Does anyone know how this overnight recipe should be done?

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  1. Searching the board will reveal tons of advice.

    I myself cannot stand crock pot oatmeal; gets way too pasty for my taste.

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      Just wanted to repeat the warning--I was all excited about having oatmeal for breakfast, and I used the Alton Brown recipe that's been discussed on some of these threads, and it was pretty bad, a waste of good, nutty, steel-cut oats.

      1. We do oat groats in the slow cooker all the time. We put it on when we go to bed and in the morning, it's nicely cooked. We finish it with dried fruit and maple syrup. I haven't tried this with steel cut oats, only the whole groat which takes forever to cook on the stove or in the microwave.

        1. I tried steel cut oats for the first time in my crock pot, and although it tasted good, the sides got dried out and cakey. So tonight I'm going to try to put the oats in a heat proof bowl and put some water around it in the crock pot (kind of like a double boiler). I'll report back and see how it turns out.

          1. So I did my oats in a water bath in the crock pot last night and they came out perfect. I placed a heat proof deep bowl in the crock pot with some water (up to about halfway up the sides of the bown), put the oats, water and salt in the bowl and set the cooker to low. This morning, I had cooked oats and no nasty hard burnt ring around the crock pot.