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Jade Eatery and Lounge - Forest Hills

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Just saw a post on thestrongbuzz.com about the new restaurant at 1 Station Square, anyone have any info on this? Is it open yet? Anyone been?

Here's the post from The Strong Buzz:

Jade Eatery & Lounge
I grew up in Forest Hills, and this new restaurant takes me back to the days when I used to hang out on Austin Street after school. Owned by Irina Gottesman and Sam Kandhorov, a brother and sister team, Jade is located in the newly renovated Forest Hills Inn, in the English Tudor-styled cobblestone square just off of Austin Street. The menu, by chef Michael Teng, is Asian-fusion with a full sushi bar and dishes inspired from Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, Korean cuisines. Jade Eatery & Lounge is located at One Station Square, in Forest Hills, 718-793-2203.


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  1. I saw that the restaurant had its opening this past weekend but I didn't get a chance to try it myself. Given the lack of good restaurants in the neighborhood that are easy to get to on foot (sometimes one needs a break from 5 Burro and Nick's), I hope this new place is good!

    1. Ditto. Hopefully we can add this to the two recent openings which have been pretty good. East Ocean Palace is actually really good, my wife and I are psyced about being able to walk to a good Chinese restaurant. And DB Wine Bar shows a lot of promise. I would have preferred a good Italian, or a grown up New American place, but I'll even take Asian-Fusion if its good.

      1. Sounds like a good contender for decent food and will have to check it out! Thanks for the posting.

        I just can't understand the dearth of good restaurants in Forest Hills - especially on Austin Street. It has so much potential but unfortunately no one seems to have capitalized on the growing trend of younger people moving into the area. Any thoughts on this?

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          I've wondered about this myself. Perhaps the demographics (though I think FH is trending younger as you say) and the "un-sexiness" of FH have kept some restaurateurs at bay. Though most halfway decent places (and even not so decent) on and around Austin street are always packed. All the barely mediocre Italian joints seem to do good business, so there's no reason that someone couldn't open up a moderately ambitious Italian place. The nightly overflow from 5 Burro and Cabana could easily fill another casual restaurant. There's certainly money to be made, so hopefully some more places will appear. Of course, our luck, it'll be the Olive Garden that appears next.

          Maybe we need to start a drive to recruit some serious restaurateurs/chefs to the area.

          Anybody got a any connections? Know a chef who you can drag into our hood?

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            It all comes down to economics. I've lived in the area for 9 years and have never seen so many empty store fronts along Austin Street. The leasing costs along Austin Street are astronomical which makes the economics of a food service establishment very difficult (that and high labor costs). Also, many of the landlords don't want food/beverage businesses in their buildings which makes it all the more difficult for those of us interested in setting up such an establishment. Hopefully the supply of available space will soon outweight the demand and cause landlords to check back into reality.

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              In fact, remember Vincci, the mens clothing store on Austin? It recently closed and there was a sign in the window that said "Store for rent. No food." The most upscale restaurants in the neighborhood are DB, Q, and Rouge. I'd like to start seeing some nice restaurants open up that would rival them. But there have to be enough people willing to eat here instead of going into Manhattan. I fear that often the local places are option taken when you're feeling lazy and don't want to travel. It would be nice for someone to open up something different. No more Italian, Thai, or Japanese. Something experimental. Something cool. Something that doesn't want to be comfort food. Someplace where the chef isn't opening up a cookbook to find a recipe but is doing it all on his own (and the chef is a pro). This, of course, is a fantasy. Finally, many of the empty storefronts are very small and I wonder if a restaurant would even have enough space once you build a kitchen. Although I kinda like the tight busy quarters of a small bistro, I wonder if they could make money if there wasn't a line down the block to get in.

          2. oh no!! asian fusion!!
            Forest Hills is soooo behind the times!

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              True. In about 5 more years we'll get a market driven New American restaurant. 10 years and we'll have a small plates/tapas restaurant. 15 years and its BLT Kabab and craftPretzel! Woo hoo!

              1. re: DaveS

                A small plates/tapas restuarant opened up not too long ago on Metropolitan Ave: DB's Wine Bar. It's quite good:


            2. It's great to know that I'm not alone in my disappointment with FH's eating options. My boyfriend and I just don't get it. FH is a fairly high end and discerning neighborhood as far as housing is concerned so it would seem reasonable that the demand for high quality food would follow suit. And I see plenty of young professionals around to think that they too must want something other than TGIFridays. As an aside, I agree with you DaveS about East Ocean Palace - it is outstanding. I just want to also have a few more modern choices around the 'hood.

              1. I've lived in FH and surrounding areas (now Richmond Hill) for nine years and still leave the area when I want a quality meal.

                I have eaten at the East Ocean twice. First time in the restaurant I thought it was good. Second time on takeout, thought it was weak. I think if you eat in and eat seafood it is good, vary away from that and the chef is limited. It is also slightly overpriced. I want to try the place further down Queens Blvd (Pings) to use as a measuring stick.

                Outside of FH but not far by car, my recent favorite is Bahar, the Afghani place on Queens Blvd. That place and Tangra on Grand put out consistent quality.

                I think the lack of steady mid-week customers keeps a lot of restaurants away. It seems that with the exception of Dee's (which sucks) every other place struggles for customers mid-week.

                In my dreams there would be one great chinese, italian, thai and indian in the hood.

                1. I've eaten at East Ocean Palace several times and I've always been very, very happy with their food. I love their shrimp - its extremely fresh and prepared expertly. Their beef is very tender and flavorful, and their pork pan fried noodles are to die for. I've tried many Chinese restaurants in Flushing and while some meals have been great, they're also very uneven. E.O.P. has been consistently good.

                  I sure miss the custard buns they used to serve at dim sum when the restaurant was Golden Sea.

                  You think Dee's sucks? I've always liked their pizza (eat-in only) and I once had a fabulous piece of salmon there (though overpriced @ $25 for some reason).

                  But other than 5 Burro and Nick's I'm consistently underwhelmed by the food in FH. Its one of most disappointing things about the 'hood.

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                  1. re: phatcat43

                    Agreed on EOP. Only been twice, but its been good both times. The Braised Filet of Fish with Bean Curd is excellent. Quail appetizer is good too.

                    Agreed on the last point. I'd say Cabana and Q are fine on occassion as well. Liked Rouge when it first opened, but it seemed to go down hill and my wife and I gave up on it. Though not many grown up options really.

                    If you haven't tried DB Wine Bar yet, give it a shot.

                  2. Okay, we went and ate at the Jade for an early evening dinner. It's my hubby's birthday and there's something else for him in our building later so we figured we'd celebrate at the new place, at an early time, when it wouldn't be crowded.

                    Frankly, we found it nice, but mostly, well, average nice. We did not have the sushi this time, we were cold and wanted a hot meal. Maybe next time.

                    It was not crowded when we got there as it was 6 PM on Saturday. The staff was very friendly. We ordered--I tried mango shrimp, my husband tried the Tandoori Salmon while our vegetarian daughter had vegetable pad thai. We got our meals quickly--too quickly. It was about 5-10 minutes after we ordered that our meal appeared. That's strange in a quality restaurant. While there were only 5 or 6 other customers there at the time, we have to wonder about freshness.

                    The dishes themselves were good, not spectacular. Mine did cool off quicker than I would have liked but it was basically good.

                    For dessert we shared a $9 caramel apple lava cake which was good, but overpriced.

                    There is a lovely jade pond in the middle with floating candles--nice if you're sitting next to it which we weren't--there were only tables for 2 next to it and there were 3 of us.

                    All in all, we will probably return, most of their prices were reasonable with a good assortment of dishes. I do want to try their sushi.

                    If I was disappointed it was because I had heard lots of hype and expected more than a fairly good restaurant that really wasn't that different from some of the other places around FH.

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                    1. re: judy

                      I gave Jade a try tonight, and agree with a lot of what Judy said. Just another potentially good restaurant that turns out to be mediocre.

                      The service was quite good; speedy, friendly, and very attentive. Also, they left a bottle of water on the table -- a big plus for me.

                      I also passed on the sushi bar, instead opting for a pan-seared tuna steak with asparagus. The fish itself was okay, but its pan-seared-ness was questionnable. I'm sympathetic to the problems of getting good asparagus on a consistent basis, but even with that in mind theirs was not as good as it should have been.

                      Perhaps the biggest plus was the decor. Nothing extraordinary by Manhattan standards, but pretty nice for Forest Hills. I sat next to the Jade pool, which was indeed very pretty.

                      1. re: jaingmaster

                        I went myself. Definitely the nicest decor in Forest Hills -- though the tables and chairs were noticeably cheap-looking (and feeling). They looked like they were doing good business, so hopefully they'll upgrade. Anyway, I had a curry noodle pot, and it was good, but certainly nothing you can't get at every Thai restaurant in town. I probably should've ordered one of the chef's specials. Though the food I had was nothing special, the prices were nothing special, either, so that's good. Definitely good enough to give it another shot and order something different.

                        I should also mention that I had a most excellent pear sake.

                    2. Now that the weather is colder....I hit Chalet Alpina on Metropolitan. It's a German place that is having it's annual Oktoberfest dinner specials. Three courses for $17-23. They have a lovely selection of beers on tap as well.

                      1. Thanks for the heads up about jade...
                        To add to the discussion about good places in FH I have to mention Dee's (Metropolitan near Ascan), I love their pizzas, high quality ingredients and a uniquely tender yet thin and charred crust, with cornmeal on the dough. I love Four Seasons (artichoke hearts, pepperoni, kalamata olives, portobello mushrooms). The chef is FCI trained. The other Italian dishes I have had there have always been excellent (pastas, salads, they also have other specials)...I think it's a higher-quality dining experience than any of the places on Austin.

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                        1. re: kenito799

                          where is four seasons? sounds like a good place. i like dee's too - very few on this board do.

                          1. re: hana

                            four seasons is the name of a pizza that dee's serves, not a restaurant in forest hills.

                          2. re: kenito799

                            I'm probably going to get hammered for this, but honestly? I don't think the restaurant scene in the Hills is all that bad. It's awful compared to Manhattan, of course, but excepting the Manhattan-priced parts of Brooklyn (Carroll Gardens, Williamsburg, Park Slope, etc.), I don't think you're going to do much better in the outer boroughs. LIC? Woodside? Jackson Heights? Neighborhoods like that may boast a restaurant or two that's better than anything in Forest Hills, but they don't have quantity or consistency. Even a place like Astoria, I think, is highly overrated -- great if you want Greek food all the time, but I don't even like Greek food that much.

                            Believe it or not, my wife and I actually moved to Forest Hills from Manhattan partly because we wanted an outer-borough neighborhood with a large number of decent restaurants within easy walking distance. Now, if you don't mind me contradicting myself for a moment, since we moved (it's been two years), we've often been frustrated that there's not more out there. Every time a storefront becomes vacant, I pray for a new and interesting restaurant. (If you know the neighborhood, of course, you know that it always -- almost without exception -- ends up being a bank.) There's too much Thai and not enough experimentation, and the quality of the Italian could stand to be a lot better. But when I really think about it, when I consider the places I enjoy patronizing on a regular basis, we're not doing too badly. I always enjoy Q, Five Burro, Narita, Cabana, several of the Thai places (Bann Thai, Thai Austin, Bangkok Cuisine), Just Like Mother's for breakfast, Rouge for brunch. Garcia's is good if you ignore the Pregoesque salsa. Chikurin has the cheapest sushi in the world and it could be much, much worse. (Only place I ever get nigiri because it's the only place I can justify paying for it.) And notice I haven't even delved into Metropolitan Avenue, because I'm only talking about the places that are a 10-minute walk or less from our apartment -- as much as I like the walk through the Gardens, I'm just too lazy to do it twice a week.

                            Of course, I shouldn't have to say that there is much, much room for improvement, and I always hope it will get a lot better. But I don't lament its quality on a regular basis. Oh, that's a lie, sure I do. But I shouldn't!

                            I think what the neighborhood really lacks is a good bar scene. Which I'm not into anyway, but it does add to the quality of a neighborhood. It's cute that people pack themselves in like sardines at a cramped Mexican restaurant until 4 a.m., but there should be more than that. Also, my two standbys for quick, quality fast food disappeared within a couple of weeks of each other: Green Cactus Grill and that Belgian-fries place that had more than one name and was always empty. They both became, uh, Thai places.

                            And by the way, thanks for the tip on East Ocean Palace. It's right across the street from my place. I ate there just once when it was Golden Sea, with the lions, and hated it. Never went back. Not sure if it has different ownership now, but I'll give it another try.

                            1. re: masterofzen

                              That's funny. I live in Forest Hills and I'm thinking of selling my apartment because I eat 6-8 meals a week in Elmhurst, Jackson Heights, Corona and Woodside.

                          3. thanks - i feel like an idiot especially since i was there last night!!!!!

                            1. Heading out this weekend to Mardigras (i know not that great but fun and needed room for almost 20 who will be rowdy). Usally we loose about half the crowd after dinner and was wondering if this would be a good after dinner lounge spot for 30 somethings with wife's who think Martini's cost the same as tap beer.

                              1. I actually registered with Chowhound just so I could reply to this thread. My husband and I just ordered delivery from East Ocean Palace, and boy is it disappointing. I got to this thread by googling "chinese food forest hills" trying to find a better chinese place for the future. We've gone to the restaurant several times (before the change). They were pretty good (though we weren't thrilled with their hot and sour soup--it was whitish in color (?) and not really hot or sour--maybe it's a more authentic version, who knows, just not what we're used to). Tonight we ordered hot and sour soup (which they changed...now it's brown, a little hot, but not sour AT ALL and no discernable flavor--totally bland). They forgot to include the plum sauce for the mu shu pork (which was also bland), so we searched the fridge for a subsitute (we had some old hoisin and some bbq sauce--not quite right). They also forgot to include the rice for the eggplant with spicy garlic sauce, when the woman on the phone specifically asked if I wanted rice! The sauce for the eggplant was not spicy at all, it was sticky and overly sweet. We understand that Sunday is a busy day at Chinese restaurants, so maybe this accounts for the forgetfulness, but not the taste. Any suggestions for an alternative? We really liked Café Japon on Queens Blvd, which is now a forboding hibachi restaurant.

                                1. jade has decent decor (for forest hills) but the food is less than stellar. went there about a month or 2 ago and even though i am usually leery about restaurants that serve multiple styles of asian cuisine (japanese and thai? c'mon please), we decided to take a chance and try it out. it was boring!

                                  what's up with the moroccan lounge in the back that is bottle service or private party only?

                                  we drove by the other night and stopped to get our friend's opinion on the place. the entire restaurant smelled like toxic fumes and they were still open for business. how can people dine in those conditions?

                                  1. i dined at jade about 6 weeks ago but failed to post a mostly positive review, so i figured i'd be the lone dissent. unlike many of the previous posters, i stuck strictly with the sushi-end of the menu and was pleased both by the quality of the fish and the creativity and presentation. had a sashimi appetizer that turned out not to be sashimi (it was seared),
                                    but very good, nonetheless. interestingly dressed. also some basic sashimi and rolls. fish was fresh and the rolls were huge and the combinations excited me (admittedly, i was starving). sake and cocktails were good and i shared a decadent rich and surprisingly good chocolate dessert. the decor is a strong point. when i was there, an artist's exhibit was hung in the corridor, which was a nice touch.

                                    all that being said, i thought it was way more pricey than it should have been, even compared to the higher end in brownstone brooklyn, which is where i consume most of my sushi.

                                    1. We live in FH and were very excited to see a so-called "cool" restaurant opening. We went there the second week they were open with high hopes. We wanted it to be amazing and we want it to be successful. Sadly, we have our doubts. The appetizers we're strong and the sushi was of good quality, but the rolls were largely a disaster. It was the "Burns St Roll," if memory serves, that really did not work. It was smothered in what appeared to be canned crab meat? Yuck.

                                      The decor is adventurous for FH, but they better do something with that pool in the middle of the main dining room. Stagnant and dirty water is not appetizing at all. The decor overall is so 2002 by NYC standards. Restaurants like this have already opened in places like Louisville and Wichita, and we just now get a "hipster sushi" in FH? Good grief.

                                      One of the wines on the list was listed incorrectly and our waiter had no idea what we were talking about when we asked him for clarification.

                                      Oh, and paper napkins? Please.

                                      I would go again simply because, as I said, I really want the restaurant to succeed for the good of the neighborhood. Given that, I would give them a second chance, but no way am I getting the Burns St. Roll

                                      1. I haven't tried the food, but I sat at the bar once and had the worst cocktails I've ever had in my life. The lychee martini, which should be a pretty easy-drinking cocktail, was so harsh it was undrinkable. Even the mojito was hard to drink--tasted like pure (bad) booze.



                                        1. Finally gave this place a shot on saturday night. Don't think I'll be going back.

                                          The decor looks like high concept asian restaurant by way of Ikea.

                                          Food. Eh. I had a thai spring roll to start, this was left in the frier a little too long. And for an entree the red penang curry over rice noodles with beef. This was edible, but the beef was kind of tough, and the dish as a whole was kind of a soupy mess.

                                          My wife had sushi which she wasn't too thrilled with. And for some reason her sushi came out like 5 minutes after my dish. And they weren't exactly crowded.

                                          We got out of there around 8 and it wasn't full. I don't see how this place makes it. That space was crying out for a good restaurant, and someone decided to make a half-ass attempt at a high concept (for FH) restaurant instead. What a waste.

                                          1. I just tried this place today. Unlike it's newly decorated appearence , the food was the worst I ever had.I think they try to make it look like a fancy place, but with food this bad, no way they can stay in business for long.

                                            $18 sweet& sour crispy Jumbo shrimps : don't expecet real Jumbo shrimp. it's really small, and they put only 5 to 6 shrimps with lots of canned pineapple chunks in a huge plate. and the shrimps tasted funny. (the cheapest chinese take-out is much better than this,actually)

                                            $6 dimsum(ugly shaped 4 pieces) :if you look at it you'll loose your appetite though it's called appetizer. especially the grayish color. I think the chef doesn't know what dimsum is. when you chew it , the texture is just like mashmallow. which means they put too much starch in it.

                                            orange beef : it's not orange beef it's orange Rubber. we didn't even bother to eat it after tried couple pieces.

                                            chilli sauce: they charged me $ 1 for small dish

                                            the water: it's not chilled, no ice. kind warm. come on, this is summer!!!

                                            my friend and I didn't even finish half of the food though the serving was really little,
                                            we walked out and went directly to MacDonald's . it was really worse than fast food.

                                            the waiter and waitress served us were friendly though. have nothing against them.

                                            if you don't want to waste your hard earned money and get upset, I think you'd better not to go to this place. I'm not picky about food, but no way I will put this kind of food in my mouth again. it doesn't even deserve to be called food.

                                            1. I didn't like their food.
                                              Lounge is true but not eatery.
                                              if you just go to have some drinks and appetizer, it's cool.
                                              but want some real food. no. because after you try their entree , you'll be disappointed.
                                              their dim sum was absolutely disgusting if you know the taste of real dim sum.
                                              staffs are friendly. but if the food doesn't taste good, why would I go there again?
                                              but if it's only a lounge , I would. because it's the only stylish place in forest hills.

                                              1. Went last night for a small birthday gathering. In general the apps were good (sushi pizza, sea bass skewers, papaya salad, but popcorn shrimp had no flavor) but I think everyone (party of 8) was disappointed in the entrees. A few ordered the crispy beef at the recommendation of the server and all said it wasn't crispy and totally lacked flavor. Same for the orange chicken. I ordered a special, soft shell crab in green curry. Ug. The curry was thick and the crabs were fried in a thick batter, couldn't tell if it was crab or chicken or I don't know what. It was gross. Probably my own fault for not asking more questions on preparations before ordering, I guess I assumed it would be sauteed. Anyway, it was fun b/c of the celebration but I would only go back for apps. Tried the highly touted liche martini...one was fine, 2 was too much.