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Oct 9, 2006 01:19 PM

Lunch Recs near Central Park Zoo (baby friendly)

Have a friend visiting this weekend and we were looking for recommendations for a lunch spot near central park zoo that would be suitable to take a baby. Not preference on cuisine, but my friend is not too adventurous. Thanks.

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  1. How about Sarabeths on Central Park South - short walk to the zoo from there.

    1. There's also a closer Sarabeth's in the Whitney ...

      1. ya know...the Leaping Frog right there at the Zoo has much better than you would expect "zoo food" at much, much better than you would expect prices. They have the grill items displayed under a heat lamp, but the grill guys are right there and will gladly and promptly make fresh for you if you ask. The veggie burger is great (although the bun - a hearty multi-grain affair - is a little bit too much bun for the pattie, I ask for the veggie burger with cheese on a regular burger bun). Many yummy things in the cold pre-packaged area (stuffed grape leaves, beet salad, etc). Cookies, pastries, pie slices brought in from somewhere decent. Good selection of fountain, bottled, and hot drinks. Free tap water. They will gouge you on the pre-packaged name-brand snacks (like $2.50 for a little container of goldfish crackers or gummi bears), which is surprising considering how reasonable everything else is. The inside dining area is 'eh...' but if this weather holds out, you'll be delighted by the outdoor tables. I like getting my lunch there on "zoo days" because part of what I pay goes to support the zoo. Of course, dining there with a baby is extremely suitable (practically de rigeur).

        1. I agree with memling that the cafe in the Zoo is quite good. The pizza is quite good as also the veggie burger. Plus, you don't have to schlep the little monsters all the way out of the park!