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Oct 9, 2006 11:51 AM

Sammy's noodle shop????

Any feedback on Sammy's Noodle Shop I believe it's on 6th and 11th or so Thank you

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  1. We like it a lot. I don't live in that neighborhood, so I can't order in from there, but we stop in when we are nearby. Unfortunately the one on 29th & 3rd closed a while ago.

    1. I would only recommend the barbecued meats--roast pork, soy sauce chicken, duck, etc., with rice or noodle soups. The same advice I'd give for Ollie's.

      1. Sammy's used to be above average but I've noticed a definite decline in quality the past few years. To the point that I rarely order from then anymore although I am in the neighborhood. I really like their turnip cake appetizer though.

        If anyone can up with a good Chinese delivery around Union Sq, I'd be grateful.

        1. used to be in the area moved out about 6 months ago so can't comment about now. used to love it, especially late night after the bars or for lunch. the large cantonese soups are all good as well as the roasted meats (duck is a little on the too fatty side, yeah I know it's duck). I happen to also like their shrimp in black bean sauce. used to be able to get "baked" roast pork bun to go with the soups, but the bakery part closed, and just steamed they just don't cut it anymore. also do pretty decent shrimp rolls (not really a chinese style more a thai or vietnamese)

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            I used to enjoy their shrimp in black bean sauce, but over the years they seem to have added more and more mushrooms to the dish. It's kind of strange because first, when the dish arrives, the cuts of mushrooms look deceptively like shrimps, and second, mushroom with shrimp I find slightly anachronistic...My brother and I used to like their spare ribs a lot, but we haven't been back in a few years for them.

          2. i live in the neighborhood and have relied on it in a pinch, but i would not qualify it as above average. a lot of their dishes use too much sugar in the sauce, i actually asked the waitress about this and she said their customers like their chinese food like that. (read americanized) all in all its typical of what you will find outside of chinatown. not great but could be worse.