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Oct 9, 2006 09:47 AM

Looking for 'greening' apples

My mom like what she calls 'greening' apples for her pie. We haven't been able to find them recently. Anyone seen any at any of the farm stands or farmers markets? Thanks.

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  1. Roughly where are you looking? I think (but I'm not sure, call before you make trip) that they grow them at Pippin orchard in Cranston, RI.

    1. Scott Farm in Dummerston, VT (southeastern part) has about 70 kinds of heirloom and antique apples. They have some varieties that are pick your own. They might have what you're looking for.

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        Just looked through the paperwork on the apples I bought on Sunday from Scott Farm and sure enough - Greening's Rhode Island was one of the apple types I bought. Its a baking apple. I'm pretty sure they have mail order as well.

        Here's the contact info:
        Scott Farm
        Kelly Carlin

        707 Kipling Road
        Dummerston, VT 05301
        South region

        contact information:

        phone: 802.254.6868

      2. At least at the Union Square greenmarket in Manhattan, the apple stand near the arch almost always has Greenings. They're definitely an heirloom style -- dull green with brown speckles, oddly shaped, hard as a rock and a good flavor once you get past the woody texture.

        For a substitute, get something that has medium sweetness and sourness. Maybe an Arkansas Black Twig, which has the same hard texture.

        1. Stevens Orchard in Orwell, VT sells Rhode Island Greenings at the farmer's market in Middlebury.