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Oct 9, 2006 06:39 AM

Khatti rolls in GTA or beyond

I've been craving khatti rolls ever since enjoying a delicious paneer khatti roll at Bombay Club at Boston's Faneuil Hall in March. It's a flaky paratha-style wrap filled with chicken or paneer (among other possible variations). The only East Indian "wraps" I have found so far in Toronto are made with naan, which is not what I am looking for. My Mom used to rave about khatti kebabs from her hometown Calcutta, but I'm not sure if it is the same thing. Please help! I'm willing to drive pretty far to get one, but not back to Boston!

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  1. Had a "kathi" Roll at the Ex this year, I think by Sangam Restaurents of Mississauga. The wrapping was indeed flaky and delish!

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    1. re: Teep

      Just had a chicken "kathi roll" at the Ex (Sangam restaurant). TERRIBLE! They use a regular store-bought flour tortilla instead of an Indian paratha, and the filling was boring, bland, blah. They should be ashamed of themselves passing it off as a "kathi roll"!

    2. the khati roll your mom used to rave about is unparalled in
      the world, you have to be in Calcutta to enjoy it.

      There is beef kabob, there is kilat(from cow's breast) kaboob.

      it still makes my mouth water when I think of Nizam's and
      Bihar's in New market area across from Minerva (chaplin)
      movie hall (near Calcutta Corporation).

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      1. re: ycl1688

        From Food Tourist's Mom:
        "I’m very hungry, too. Now, if we were in Cal, the little street vendors on Park Street (not hawkers, these are in tiny, enclosed “shops” with counter service) sell all kinds of rolls. There are mutton rolls, chicken rolls, and a variety of filling rolls. They are No. 1 substitutes for the famous Nizam’s kati kawabs and kheeri (udder) kawabs and cleaner, better prepared and (for my western tastebuds) tastier. These tiny shops are outsourced by the big, well-known restaurants like BarBQ, so would imagine they are controlled by their health standards too.

        ycl1688 is probably from Cal. Went to Nizam’s last Feb, but quality questionable and won’t be yearning for it anymore. Bit into the kheeri and it tasted undercooked and the kati was nowhere as enjoyable as the Park St. mutton roll (despite the memories).

        Any Indian restaurant should be able to offer the beef kawabs or chicken tikka, which you can then roll into the paratha and add yr onions, chillies and other options like tomato or cuke, to make your own rolls. Best paratha is the frozen packet of 6 (forgotten the brand, but Oriental Foodmart on St. Paul St. in St. Catharines sells it).

        Paneer rolls ??? Not for me, thanks."

      2. If you are looking for Katti Roll, you will not find the authentic Calcutta Katti, but the paratha rolls at Eastern Twist redifines the authentic with a touch of innovation. You can taste the Indian flavour in it, but as the chewing continues you find your palate tasting something different as the soft succulent Kabobs, or the delightful curries blends with the soft and seriously layered and flaky bread, they call Paratha, begins to melt in your mouth without a single hint of fat or veins of the meat. This is the next best thing to Katti Roll 2 Oceans away. PS You will find this joint at the corner of Bathurst & St. Clair in Toronto, leave yourself sometime, as the darn road in under construction.

        1. tourist's mom,

          you are right i am from cal.

          in 2004 tasted nizam's, went past park st vendors.

          my understanding is enclosed stalls in park street, not open
          kitchen, i sense something not too good.

          the food i know in calcutta most of them are cook right in
          front of you.

          anyway to each his own.