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Oct 9, 2006 06:31 AM

din tai fung - MUST ORDER ITEMS?


Very interesting to read all the Din Tai Fung posts, and I'm excited to go this weekend. Can the Din Tai Fung affecionados list their "must order items" so we know what to order. I have a habit of going to good restaurants and ordering all the wrong things! Thanks!

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  1. You'll probably get a lot of responses for the various dumplings so I'll tell you about my favorite non-dumpling dish. On the menu it's simply called "Appetizer." It's a really yummy salad made with slivered vegetables and tofu and the dressing has a little kick to it.

    1. I go there for the pork/crab dumplings, every time. Just about melts in your mouth. Dumplings are what they specialize in, so primarily stick with those.

      1. "appetizer" rocks. we also like the green beans. we usually stick to the juicy pork and juicy pork with crab dumplings, but we're usually only two, so we don't order that much.

        don't forget to grab dessert next door after at phoenix. we like the forbidden black rice with young coconut and the deep fried mochi.

        1. 1 Appetizer
          2 Juicy pork dumplings
          1 Shanghai rice cake
          1 vegetable (used to go for spinach; substitute broc or beans)

          If there's any room left,

          1 Fish dumpling

          mix soy, vinegar, and chile -- and ask for extra ginger - Enjoy!!

          1. my friends (from shanghai) also order the rice cake.

            i sometimes order the fish dumpling and then am sorry i did. for my taste, it lacks flavor IMHO.