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Oct 9, 2006 04:46 AM

Japanese Curry Tip

I have found that adding a little bit of Bull Dog sauce at the end of cooking your curry adds a wonderful dimension to the dish, as well as a appetizing darker hue.

(Believe worchestershire or yakisoba sauce could work as well).

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  1. Bull Dog sauce is probably one of my favorite Japanese condiments. It can be used so many different ways.

    When we have Japanese style curry I grate a fresh apple in right at the end and then serve the Bull Dog sauce on the side to be drizzled over each dish in whatever quantity each diner likes to enjoy.

    Now I'm craving curry!

    1. I myself use a dash of maple syrup. It lessens the premade taste of the curry roux and gives a good depth.
      I put that maple syrup in at the end, with milk, also, which my husband likes.

      And if I can't afford much meat that week, I make a runny fried egg and put it on top after serving the curry. Mmmmm.

      1. We always serve our curry with chopped peanuts on the side. Also the bright magenta colored tsukemono.