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Oct 9, 2006 04:25 AM

Artisan Tatin in Culver City -- A Real Gourmet French Deli and Bakery

Artisan Tatin is in the old Vienna Streudel space on Washington Boulevard. We really enjoyed our tarte tatin...very rich and very French! Most of the other customers sitting at the tables on the sidewalk were enjoying savory items, such as sandwiches, pates and quiches. I have heard that the croissants are wonderful.

The Parisian owner/baker is delightful, warm, friendly, and charming! She visited with us for quite some time, and she is very proud of her many delicious offerings. She was also interested in pleasing us and really wanted to know if we enjoyed our order.

I do hope that we Hounds can keep her busy for awhile until she become well established; after tasting her tarte, I do think she is well deserving of our support.

Artisan Tatin
10836-and-a-half Washington Boulevard
Culver City #310.280-0282

M-F: 9am-6pm
Sat: 9am-3pm
No Sunday Hours

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  1. Are there fresh baguettes and--hoping against hope--epi loaves (the baguettes shaped like leafy branches)?

    I'm so happy that BreadBar finally opened in Century City and is selling halfway decent baguettes, but I'd love to find real French baguettes baked daily on premise somewhere!

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      Pei, try Normandie Bakery at Jefferson Blvd & Cochran St. just east of La Cienega. The owner is French, and they make baguettes (and other pastries) on site. They do a wholesale business, as well as have a little bakery/cafe. Their lunch entrees are good, and well-priced. The lunch service is slow, so don't go if you're in a hurry, calling ahead often doesn't help either because as often as not they lose the order. But the pastries are delicious!

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        Hello, Pei! I didn't even notice the bread; I was busy gawking at the lovely pastries! The owner is so friendly, I would welcome any opportunity to call her and ask away!

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          I had a roast beef sandwich at Artisan Tatin which had their baguette bread and oh my gosh, that sandwich was out of this world. The bread was golden brown and crusty. The roast beef was tender and not fatty and instead of lettuce, they used spring mix which was tossed with a vinagrette. I usually don't like baguette sandwiches because the bread tends to be really thick and the filling gets lost, but the bread in my sandwich was on the thinner side and with every bite, I got both bread and filling as opposed to just bread. I'm not much of a sandwich person, but if I lived closer, I'd be a regular customer.


        2. Thanks for your post. I'm looking forward to trying this place, probably this week.

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          1. re: slacker

            Hi, slacker! Please let us know what you think. If you have the opportunity, I encourage you to chat with the owner/baker; truly, she will warm your heart...and serve you a warm tarte tatin while doing so!

          2. I ate lunch here today. Had the roast beef sandwich. It was delicious. And you guys were right, the owner is very charming. I have not sampled any desserts. I can't wait to try the coq au vin.

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              Yes, the owner is really pleasant! Oh, please do try the dessert case and let me know! I had a chocolate ganache circular pastry and we also had the tarte tatin; the apple tarte was very buttery and delicious!

            2. Culver City, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways....

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                Yes, Culver City is growing up to be a real, delicious little city!