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Oct 9, 2006 03:43 AM

Las Fronteras - Chowfind?

After getting nicked in the parking lot of King Palace (damn cabbies), I took the vehicle to the Collision Reporting Centre. Nearby is Las Fronteras, a Latin American (Ecuadorean) resto in a God-awful strip plaza on Weston Road (just north of Finch Ave). Some people never learn, I guess.

I went in. The place (30 seats) was full; everyone was Latin American. Most of them were eating some kind of soup, which came with a lime garnish.

I ordered the familiar: a tamale, and two empanadas (beef and cheese). The tamale was really good. Better than Tita La Guanaca, by far. The empanadas were nice; a little different from the ones in Kensington. These ones had a light, flaky pasty, and were deep-fried. The beef filling was like a mild chili; quite nice, actually. The cheese emp. was understuffed with a sort of "queso fresco"; a bit boring.

Overall, I think that this place has real chowfind potential. I need to figure out what the soup was that almost everybody was eating there.

Does anyone know about anything about this place or this genre of food? I think that had I simply knew more about Latino food, I could have enjoyed more. The waitress did not speak enough English to help me much. And, she was very busy. The place was bustling.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I have passed by it, almost went it but I didnt. I guess cuz there was only a few ppl and they were spanish and they would think why would this asian girl eat in here. I can speak some spanish and understand it. Next i get the guts i will go in.

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        Well, I'm Asian (but not a girl :), and whenever I go into a latin-american resto or business, they assume I'm Hispanic and greet me in Spanish.

        1. re: mclaugh

          yeah i get that too sometimes, what latin-american places have you been to?