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Oct 9, 2006 03:14 AM

Just got some Chile Manzano and Chilacas, looking for authentic ideas.

After searching for these special chilies for a while now, I have finally acquired some. I was guite happy at discovering them finally.

Now, I am looking for ideas --authentic preparations that best highlight the flavor of these treasures.


Kennedy describes the Manzano as being known as 'peron' in Michoacan, 'canario' in Oaxaca, and oddly 'jalapeno' in Chiapas.
Among her examples of its uses:

Highlands of Mexico-- Chopped with peaches for Pico de Gallo
Michoacan-- Asado, for chile rellenos (seems interesting, quite
small and fiery for this use, but what do I know)
"But Mostly prepared"-- unskinned, lime juice and onion for relish

Here are my favorite ones (most unusual):

No geog. data -- added whole to pig blood stew (wow)
Veracruz-- beheaded and stuffed with ricotta and epazote and asado on comal.


1. Stuffed
2. shredded and added to other veggies
3. Filling for tamales
4. topping for salsas

So what have you used these chiles for?
And do you have any ideas for epazote -- bought some for my black beans, will have leftovers --tomato sauce maybe? (Love the agressive scent)
I'm going to save the seeds and try to cultivate them.

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  1. The Mexican manzano is (nearly?) the same as the Peruvian rocoto - apple shaped, thick flesh, black seeds. Hotter than jalapenos (but not quite in the habanero class). Peruvian recipes should give you some ideas, though I imagine they would work fine as substitute for jalapenos. Basically where you want something hot but fleshy.

    peron - pear shaped; canario - yellow colored variety

    Chilaca is the fresh form of pasilla, the black, long, narrow dried pepper that can be used like anchos. So the chilaca could also be used like the Poblano, only it is narrower, and probably not as meaty. Guajillo is another one in the same heat range, but with a smooth skin - but I don't know its fresh name.