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Oct 9, 2006 02:03 AM

Ice Cream Addicts - Seasonal Change?


The What's in the Freezer thread got me to thinking. I have noticed that I change my flavors of ice cream to the seasons. In CT we do have the full four seasons and my freezer is sorta in transition mode from Summer to Winter flavors.

For examle I eat more ice cream/sherbet combos in the summer and more chocolates in the winter. Currently, fall is upon us and I notice that my favorites are mint chip and black cherry and I have no desire to buy more sherbets.

Does anyone else have this strange change of seasonalc cravings?

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  1. In general, I find that ice cream, or any sort of cold dish suits me better in the warmer weather. I normally don't eat ice cream when it gets colder out. It puts out the fire that is needed to withstand colder outdoor weather.

    I really enjoy Turkey Hill's seasonal variety called "Southern Lemon Pie". The lemon flavor is refreshing. That lemony thing works for me when it's hot. I don't care for their nonfat yogurt version of this - the yogurt part is tasteless. The other version isn't too high in fat - 7 grams. Without going into the details of the ingredients, that product consists of lemon flavored ice cream with swirls of marshmellow and bits of shortbread cookies. It tastes alot better than what I am describing.

    I like Sara Lee's Strawberry Cheesecake, too, and enjoy it when it's comfortably warm. I find that really sugary type products heat me up, not the ideal situation when you are trying to cool in the heat.

    My favorite was the Hagan Daaz line of gelato, which they stopped making, because of "low demand" according to the company. Their flavors were refreshing and the ice cream tasted rich without being heavy. I don't understand why gelato wasn't popular with the supermarket crowd. Even Trader Joe's just carries a very limited selection of gelato.

    Interesting question you posed. I'd think people's preferences seasonally speaking are affected by the change in their body in adjusting to temperature change externally and internally.
    (My enjoyment of black rasberry ice cream may stem from my love for it when I was a small kid. It seemed like such an exotic ice cream to an 8 year old!) Have you noticed more of a desire for pumpkin flavored things in the fall? I have more of a desire for pumpkin flavored ice cream in the fall/autumn than in the spring/summer. It amazes me that ice cream companies don't market this flavor.

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      Haagen Dasz continues to sell gelato in this area (SoCal), but then so does everyone else! As for pumpkin, the LA area's best (IMO) local ice-cream maker, Fosselman's, has an exquisite pumpkin as a seasonal offering just now...and one of the local gelato shops has pumpkin gelato as well.

    2. At home I stick to the same flavor of dark cherry from Schwann's because it's not too high in fat and carbs. I used to be addicted to Starbucks Classic Coffee. When I'm visiting the local homemade ice cream place I might try different flavors although one place makes a really good frozen pudding. Indian Pudding ice cream doesn't get on the menu until fall, however. One year they made a dark and light version with the dark tasting more like gingersnaps. I like banana which is hard to find and recently tried Ben & Jerry's Banana on the Rum which I thought was very good. I rarely get pumpkin because it's too much like pumpkin pie, I'd rather get a flavor like Almond Joy. One small place carries tiramisu gelato. Basically I don't eat sherbets. They're good but not good enough for the calorie intake.

      1. I agree! Rum Raisin and hot pepper icecream for winter months. Both satisfy that ice cream craving, but they warm you up on the way down.

        I think pumpkin is a great idea FelafelBoy! If I see it, I will have to try it. I made a frozen pumpkin dessert for a company Thanksgiving pot luck once and it was gone instantly. It was a Pampered Chef recipe - mixing pumpkin & cool whip. It made it light & fluffy, but kinda...'fatty' in mouth texture IMO. I think a bonafide pumpkin icecream would be much better. The search is on!

        1. I echo the comments from above that my two favorite "seasonal" ice creams are Rum Raisin and Pumpkin-and if I can get them at Gunthers so much the better.

          1. Edy's has two seasonal flavors out right now, Peppermint and Pumpkin. I haven't tried them yet but have been tempted. Edy's really isn't my favorite grocery store brand.