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Oct 9, 2006 01:46 AM

where do you eat in Kengsington

I have started eating my way through the kengsington market.....and loving it,

been to jumbo empanadas - decent empanadas, heavy though

akrams, mmmmmmmm- super good falafels and cheap too!

Big Fat Burrito......so tasty, steak and veggie are my fav's, was not a huge fan of the chicken. I eat here at least once a week now.

Patti King - patty's are ok, was disappointed once I read the ingredients in them though, not quite the "homemade" version I was hoping for (MSG :( . . . .

I have had great bread from the bakery, the portugeuse corn bread was particularly good, very moist and fresh.

El Trumpo - I had a nice plate of three chicken tacos, simple flavours. . . . very yummy

So where does everyone else eat, what have i missed?

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  1. You can check out this thread.

    I love Alchemy for their shortbread cookies.

    1. I pretty much eat at all the places you've mentioned. My only addition would be to wander to Spadina to pick up banh mi at Nguyen Huong.

      1. the bread at alchemy is fantastic. i-deal as most of you know has amazing coffee. the Urban Herbivore has great food.