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Oct 9, 2006 01:13 AM


please note any other honorable mention items

1. citgo 17th ave coconut grove-dade. best wine shoppe, now featuring tapas.

2. shell harding and 71st Miami Beach - dade awesome brazilian cuisine.

3. La Esquina del Lechon NW87th AVe and 12th st, and now a full service restaurant on NW58th St in

Give it your best FLA.


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  1. I'm struggling a bit to think of places that qualify. Certainly El Carajo in the 17th Ave. Citgo off US1 would be my tops.

    Do car washes count? If so, you could add Andiamo pizza around 55th and Biscayne (although I actually prefer Pizza Rustica or even Piola).

    Haven't tried Karma car wash yet (next door to Dogma Grill around 70th and Biscayne, which is apparently becoming Pun Alley) but their sign says they have tapas.

    Didn't know about the Shell on 71st St. - will have to try that.

    1. Funny that you mention this. A friend just recently told me about the Brazilian cuisine on 71st street and I've been dying to try it. Heard about Karma too, they do have tapas and wine.

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        1. Tried Karma on Friday night. Didn't have tapas (menu was very limited) but had a few drinks. Beer and wine only with the beer selection outnumbering wines. Biggest plus is Chimay on tap. Not many places in the city that can boast that.

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              you got to help us out with a please