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Oct 9, 2006 01:10 AM

Buying fish Haymarket

Does anyone have any experience buying fish at haymarket (outside vendors}? Is this fish that is on its way out or is it fresh from the boats. I bought some for my mom and she thought it smelled to fishy to eat. The vendor said it was fresh that day. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. The only Haymarket fish guy I patronize is the raw clam shucker.

    I wouldn't eat any of the fish sold down fine for bait..:)

    1. I think most everything at Haymarket is crap [those clams are good though, they used to have beer which was perfect with the clams (before the big big)]. What's sold there is stuff that's about to self-destruct IMO, like Mission Impossible. I might buy some tomatoes for sauce however, they've got good prices for tomatoes ($1 per lb. several weeks ago, I bet it's at $0.50 now).

      1. I don't even like walking through Haymarket on my way to the North End.

        This is not the place to go for fresh, delicious and nutritious food or any sort.

        For great value buy your produce, when possible, from a local farmers market. ( BTW There is no relationship between farmers' markets and haymarket and haymarket is not a farmers market.)

        I understand from this board that there is now a fish vendor at the Brookline Market.

        1. Hi,

          I work near Haymarket, and I only buy veggies that I plan to immediately cook up that night, or if I'm looking to make soup or make a pie with some very ripe fruit. Otherwise, you get what you pay for.

          As for the fish vendors, whenever I walk down there, and walk by the fish stalls, I'm slapped in the face with an overwhelming odor of fish. I just don't think I'd be comfortable buying anything there that could make me seriously ill. Do yourself a favor, and steer clear of that.

          1. A couple of winters ago, we were used Haymarket for salmon. it was amazingly cheap (~2.00 a pound) and not horrible. It certainly isn't fresh from the boats (nothing here is). I stopped going when they closed for the spring as warm weather approached and haven't gone back. The problem downtown is that there isn't aot that's much better. James Hook is OK but limited selection (lobsters aside). Morse is OK but not that fresh in my experience. C-Mart has been a real improvement in Chinatown for fresh fish.