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Christopher's, Maynard

Tried this new place during their pre-opening last weekend. Very nice. They offered a reduced menu. We had salmon topped with linguica and pepper crusted pork chop, served with garlic mashed and broccoli. The salmon was moist and the linguica added an unexpected yet satisfying taste. Pork chop was perfectly cooked and tender, with a thick pepper crust (spicy! I love spicy food, but I think others complained). We sat in a banquette with a view of the room, which pretty full. Nicely upscale, for the 'burbs. We really need a place like this in these parts! Hope it does well.

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  1. Do you mean Maynard, Mass.?

    1. Whoa! Something new and good in Maynard? Where? When's the real opening? Prices? Any chance of something a vegetarian DC could eat? Can you tell I'm desperate?

      1. Not much coming up in a search. Could it be the old Ciro's on Rt 62?

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          Nope - that's turned into a non-restaurant place... I think err.. Architects? Lawyers? I can't recall exactly.

        2. The restaurant is located at the old Victory Plaza in the space occupied by Malcolm's for a short time. It will be opening this week Thursday the 11th I believe.It is owned by the same people that own 51 Main Bar and Grill in Maynard.

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            Oh. Is it more like the old 17 Summer St? I found the Publick House to be kinda sad and the 51 Main menu looked identical, only served in lighter surroundings. In any case, hope they do better than Malcolm's! That was a tough location for some reason.

          2. Did anythhing open up in the old Ciro's then?

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              I thought that was turned into office space?

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                  I used to live in Maynard many years ago. Is Amory's still open?

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                    Amory's is now the Blue Coyote. Has been for a couple years. I haven't tried the food, but really like the bar there - just a local place, but comfortable, and a nice little patio, good seasonal brews on tap.

            2. Did anyone go to the opening? I'd love to know what the full menu looks like, the pre-opening menu was interesting. What do you think?

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                Howdy all, I'm interested in hearing about Christopher's. I haven't been yet, mostly because I had a bad experience in 51 Main. But I am a Maynard resident so I'd really like it to be good.

                Also, do they have high-chairs? I've got a 2 year old and a baby on the way. So any place that says 'reservations recommended' am a little nervous of.


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                  Christopher's is in Maynard, MA. I don't recall if they had highchairs. We did bring our 4 y.o. there for an early dinner once and he was welcomed. They even cooked a special small meal for him. I probably wouldn't bring a small child late in the evening, but 6 pm dinner was fine.

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                    I've gone twice now. And it is pretty good. I'm a little worried that I have already exhausted the interesting items on the menu though.

              2. Please add the state when you post! It confuses many of us New England chowhounders..

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                  86 Power Mill Road, Rt. 62
                  Maynard, MA

                  The place is really terrific. An oasis in Maynard, MA. Make a reservation and go.

                2. Just wanted to update a year after the original post. We don't get out much (two young kids), but decided to try Christopher's last night. It was pretty good overall, but we'll go back to Bullfinch's in Sudbury or Chloe's in Hudson before Christopher's. They have a good looking wine list and "wine bar," and some interesting tasting flights, so we may go back for a tasting and appetizers.

                  As for the food, I think they're suffering from a little too much frou-frou. For example, one of the specials was pork chops stuffed with peaches. And crab and brie. And prosciutto. The clam chowder is award-winning and was nice. I ordered the "open-faced lobster ravioli" which included shrimp and mussels and scallops, as well as a couple good chunks of lobster claw. The seafood was just a little overcooked -- not so tough/dry as to be inedible, but enough so I noticed. But the broth was just not right. I couldn't put a finger on what was wrong with it, but it ruined the dish for me. I'm not a picky eater, and I would never make a big deal in a restaurant, but I couldn't eat it. (And this was a "signature entree".) The server let the management know, and they took the cost off our check (without us asking). And the pumpkin cognac cheesecake was very nice.

                  dadjamin stayed with the steak as being simple, and his was fine (a 12-oz strip). The prime rib orders at the next table were good-looking (and huge -- "queen cut"). Our apps were good. The room was a bit brighter than I would have expected, but an attractive space.

                  Summary: my entree was a disappointment, and I would stick with the simpler descriptions next time. Since we don't go out much these days, I don't anticipate it making our short list next time. But there were some highlights and potential. I'm glad to see someone else on this thread has enjoyed it.

                  www.christophersofmaynard.com (It's down as I type, so I can't go back and look at the menu descriptions.)

                  1. After reading all the negative reviews, I decided to give it a try anyway. I went during the week and it was mostly empty. (Now I understand why). The waitress was very attentive. But that was the only positive aspect of the meal. The bread was stale. For appetizers we got the lobster macaroni and cheese and the arinchinis. I had never had arinchinis before, so I can't tell you if they were what they were supposed to be. The lobster Mac, had a few small bits of lobster and it was not covered in a cheese sauce. Not a good start. I ordered the lobster thermidor, I was told by the waitress that it was a 1 pound lobster that had the body stuffed with more lobster. According to the menu it was a "lazy mans lobster" . I always thought that a lazy man's lobster was where the meat was taken out of the shell. This was not the case, the tails and claws were still intact. And the body was not "stuffed" with lobster, there was just a few small shreds of lobster in it. I was severely disappointed. My sister who had sponsored my meal for a celebration of the anniversary of my birth, had a rack of lamb. She said that it was the toughest lamb she has had in her entire life. Overall, the meal was a massive disappointment. After the let down, we definately were not going to take a chance on dessert. My sister had spent too much as it was. Good luck to anyone that goes there.

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                      I am so disappointed to hear that the place has gone downhill so quickly. But not suprised. The most recent time I was there was last New Year's Eve (I know, never a good night to dine out, but there you go) and it was a horror show, start to finish. First, no menus. When I went to ask the hostess for them, the manager started yelling at her right in front of me. The waitress did not write down the orders and came back three times to ask us what we had ordered. Surprise! The appetizers were wrong and by the time we received them they were cold AND the entree came out at the same time. Wine did not arrive until halfway through our entrees. We were seated by the kitchen (in a nearly empty restaurant, 9 pm on NYE!). A busboy dropped an entire plastic tub of dirty dishes right next to us and nothing says festive like someone's else's leftovers splashed on my pants. We were fuming by this time and the fun evening was ruined. The manager offered to reduce our check, which we accepted. Have not been back. Probably never will and it is a shame since I really wanted to like this place.

                    2. Passed by this morning and I saw brown paper covering the inside of the front windows, so I guess it's closed. I did like sitting at the bar but that was about it. The one time we tried it for dinner we were not too impressed.

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                        There seem to be renovations going on, the grapevine says the space is going to become some kind of sports bar.

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                          I'm never sure where the Boston board ends and the New England board begins... :-)