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Oct 9, 2006 01:05 AM

Christopher's, Maynard

Tried this new place during their pre-opening last weekend. Very nice. They offered a reduced menu. We had salmon topped with linguica and pepper crusted pork chop, served with garlic mashed and broccoli. The salmon was moist and the linguica added an unexpected yet satisfying taste. Pork chop was perfectly cooked and tender, with a thick pepper crust (spicy! I love spicy food, but I think others complained). We sat in a banquette with a view of the room, which pretty full. Nicely upscale, for the 'burbs. We really need a place like this in these parts! Hope it does well.

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  1. Do you mean Maynard, Mass.?

    1. Whoa! Something new and good in Maynard? Where? When's the real opening? Prices? Any chance of something a vegetarian DC could eat? Can you tell I'm desperate?

      1. Not much coming up in a search. Could it be the old Ciro's on Rt 62?

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        1. re: hummingbird

          Nope - that's turned into a non-restaurant place... I think err.. Architects? Lawyers? I can't recall exactly.

        2. The restaurant is located at the old Victory Plaza in the space occupied by Malcolm's for a short time. It will be opening this week Thursday the 11th I believe.It is owned by the same people that own 51 Main Bar and Grill in Maynard.

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          1. re: sandramrma

            Oh. Is it more like the old 17 Summer St? I found the Publick House to be kinda sad and the 51 Main menu looked identical, only served in lighter surroundings. In any case, hope they do better than Malcolm's! That was a tough location for some reason.

          2. Did anythhing open up in the old Ciro's then?

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            1. re: hummingbird

              I thought that was turned into office space?

                1. re: Angel Food

                  I used to live in Maynard many years ago. Is Amory's still open?

                  1. re: Newburyport John

                    Amory's is now the Blue Coyote. Has been for a couple years. I haven't tried the food, but really like the bar there - just a local place, but comfortable, and a nice little patio, good seasonal brews on tap.